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    Now Playing (Video Games)

    While dungeons (with a couple of exceptions) have never been my very favourite thing Zelda games, I too hope that they'll beef 'em up for the next one. I quite liked the Forgotten Temple - as an idea: while not quite a dungeon, it's a huge place underground, perfectly integrated to the open...
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    Not as old as Gandalf...

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    Fear of the Dark: individual album judgement by yours truly

    My sincerest apologies..! :D But at least I brought up the "I appreciate the idea" card! :nonono: And as mentioned, I don't really consider it (or any other song for that matter) to be exactly the worst - it's a song that I just don't like that much, but I don't really find any pleasure at...
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    Fear of the Dark: individual album judgement by yours truly

    On towards the sea we go! So, going chronologically forward, it is time for Fear of the Dark. As usual, I'm more focused on my general thoughts and vibes, rather than being too specific with numbers, but I'm doing my best at scoring... we'll see how it turns out! Be Quick or be Dead Offering...
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    While that's not going to happen, I definitely hope and sort of believe they could put out a record with just 8-9 songs. You know, not necessarily "rockers", but interesting ~7 minute songs with a one or two "mammoths" and Tears of a Clown type hard-rockish pieces thrown in. Alas! it probably...
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    Not sure how I personally feel about it when compared to other bigger choruses of the "reunion era", but I definitely agree that it's a good one! Overall, The Great Unknown is just another in the long list of good modern Maiden songs that would sound so much better with more dynamic production...
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    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    How about ATG intro spoken by Paul to scare shit out of everyone? :D Also, I'd much prefer Bruce's more theatrical and dramatic take on Phantom, but yeah.. :p
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    Where does Iron Maiden stand in your top 10 bands of all time?

    Tricky question. First of all, I'm terrible at definite rankings and that kind of stuff anyway... :D I like making lists, but they tend to end up being more of a analysis of the selected bunch of things and their relation to one another, rather than stating which is better than the other. But...
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    Iron Maiden stage sets over the years

    The reuse of the World Piece Tour stage floor design in EdHuntour is sort of a nice callback to the 80's, but... it doesn't really fit in the slightest, even if that particular stage design wasn't messy enough. :D But yeah, dragging few stage elements from the 80's to that tour was probably part...
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    1 and 3, those might qualify!
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    I'm propably a very bad person, I guess, but the original S&M is currently the only physical Metallica record I own... but I really like it! While some of the arrangements don't really add that much weight to the songs, I find the S&M take on For Whom the Bell Tolls, for example, as probably...
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    Official Hockey discussion thread

    Yeah, Elvis might be back soon enough (the nature of the injury remains unclear), but it's definitely not looking too great. This kind of games are very tough for goalies to recover from.
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    Official Hockey discussion thread

    Columbus didn't get too much done on Tampa's end, but what an effort! It's tough loss for Columbus, given that they've just played five game series with Toronto and had only one day off before this one... Tampa probably has a bit more gas left in the tank, but we'll see... Looking ahead at the...
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread

    JOHNNY GOT SHOT BY U-F-O That fucking rocks. Very pleasant listen - great hooks and all!
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    Deep Purple

    I'm pretty excited about the new record. I really liked Infinite and the tasters from Whoosh! have been great so far, so it's all looking pretty good... And it's great how the current incarnation of Purple has stayed so... relevant. This band still has something to say and it's damn cool.