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    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    This would've been absolute pain for 2011 Bruce... :bigsmile:
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Yeah, both shows were definitely great! The biggest difference was that Bruce talked a lot less in the second show (and the speech before FTGGOG got dropped there) and he sounded just a tad bit more tired, e.g not holding notes quite as long etc. That, however, tells more about his absolutely...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Yeah. Had I not utilized my access to presale (about an hour before the general sale started), I might have been left without a ticket... Well of course the second show was added immediately, but anyway. Last time I saw them doing two nights in a row I found the first one rather superior, but...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Got tickets for the first Tampere show, thanks to presale; will be seated this time, as I'm not going alone. Considered the second one too, but I'm too broke at the moment, haha... So far, it's the first Tampere show and second O2 London show for me. Hoping for one or two dates in the Baltics...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    His tone there also has that infamous 1993 vibe..! But yeah, summer 2011 was quite tough one for Bruce. Then again, that's what I thought about the whole Senjutsu & SiT thing in the first place... But yeah, Futureal is definitely unlikely, but I wouldn't call it impossible. Powerslave was...
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    Rallying round to the call! We can hear, far away... are the sound of distant drums! Loved it. While the 2018 shows were just a tad bit better, I thoroughly enjoyed the one show I managed to catch this year with the brilliant Senjutsu cuts, interesting encore (yeah yeah, Aces High, but still)...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Eh, Maiden has successfully tackled the challenge of being dangerously near to SPINAL TAP, yet still walking it off many times, but... No.
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    Iron Maiden stage Eddies (big and walk on) over the years

    Yeah, it didn't last for long, though. I believe it broke after a handful of shows or something, hehe.
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    Yeah... He should probably let the Security handle these things or whatever, but I have to say that I find smoking in the crowd quite annoying in the first place, so... Go ahead, Bruce! :blush:
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    I don't see a slightest chance. Of course, I said quite the same about SiT-Senjutsu tour too, but... Bruce most definitely needs time to rest his voice between shows. Intense touring for a couple of months at a time is quite a handful for him as it is, so I don't think he is willing to...
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    TNOTB/BOH triple vinyl: Will you buy it or not?

    Probably not anytime soon, due to budget reasons. I'm not actively against this release either and I honestly wouldn't mind getting the "Total Eclipse inc." version of the album as a vinyl anyway, so it's a nice bonus to go alongside Beast Over Hammersmith that is a real treat, regardless the...
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    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    Holding "Play Classics" sign Eddie?
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    Exactly. I like the overall aesthetic of the Senjutsu realm - the inflatable pagodans don't look too bad and even the middle one is... ok (albeit very 2D and "cardobardy") from a certain angle and with all the lights and whatever, but I think that particular backdrop isn't that interesting...
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    What's Your Favourite Adrian Solo?

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    THE FUTURE PAST TOUR - The Setlist Contest!

    A friendly reminder: To help the scoring and for the sake of a reader-friendly thread altogether, please see the rules & scoring from the first post before submitting your setlists! :) Of course, you can post setlist wishes/guesses and speculate without taking the contest itself so seriously...