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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 2

    Dance of Death, find it to be very underrated while I feel Book of Souls is a bit overrated
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    Top 3 IM Title Tracks?

    This is truly hard. I voted Caught Somwhere in Time, Seventh Son and Book of Souls
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 1

    AMOLAD by far
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    your favourite three Dave Murray (co-)written tracks?

    Still Life, Nomad and Benjamin Breeg
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    best second song of their albums?

    Revelations and Infinite Dreams
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    They sound awesome
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    Senjutsu - Eight Months Later

    I gotta say that I still really love Senjutsu. It is a very strong album. And now hearing clips from Senjutsu, Stratego and Writing live just makes the songs so much stronger. I already loved the title track but goddamn it sounds amazing live. And Writing on the Wall. What a song that is. I...
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    best Maiden album cover by Derek Riggs?

    Powerslave for me. Love the colors and how fucking grand and mighty it is
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    I still want a bluray, or atleast a youtube release like Book of Souls on youtube, and a fucking vinyl/CD release from the Legacy Tour during 2018. And then they can do another release like that next year on a Senjutsu tour
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    "Final Tour" Setlist

    Intro: Churchill’s Speech 1. Aces High 2. Stratego 3. Judas Be My Guide (live debut) 4. The Writing on the Wall 5. Hallowed Be Thy Name 6. Phantom of the Opera 7. The Trooper 8. Alexander the Great (live debut) 9. Rainmaker 10. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter 11. Fear of the Dark 12. The...
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    Where do you get your Maiden Shirts from?

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    Senjutsu - Eight Months Later

    Love it. Best album since Brave New World.
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    Which Iron Maiden album does have the biggest number of filler songs to it?

    Easily Fear of the Dark. Dance of Death has some fillers to but they are alot better.
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    NPFTD album rating: song by song ranked best to to worst

    1. Holy Smoke 2. Bring Your Daughter 3. Tailgunner 4. Run Silent 5. Fates Warning 6. Public Enema 7. Assassin 8. No Prayer 9. Mother Russia 10. Hooks