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    Crappy album covers

    I've always found this one to be beyond hilarious
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    I don't drink, but if I act drunk, no one will know. Infallible plan.
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    Black Sabbath - Children of the Sea. I've been getting into 'Heaven and Hell' a lot more lately. I quite like it, there is something about the vibe of it that I really like. I find it very minimalist, but it works for the record.
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    The Duellists

    My favourite song off Powerslave and it forms the centerpiece of the whole record in my opinion. The middle of the song is phenomenal, being a three minute stretch of solo after solo. It has a 70's progressive rock vibe to it. The melody at the 4:13 point is one of the most iconic things Maiden...
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    This song has one of my favourite solos of all time and is an absolute classic in my opinion. Songs like this gel with me very quickly since I grew up with a lot of hardcore punk as a kid. It's just a little too simple for Maiden standards though, which is why it is a 9/10 for me.
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    Looking at some other opinions, I find it somewhat strange that people consider it repetitive and simple. Really? It goes through three completely different sections, not including the solo and intro riff twice in just over three minutes. I think the song is actually quite jam-packed for what it...
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    Overall Favorite Albums

    DBTO is definitely good with everything on the A-side being masterpieces, nearly up there with Melissa. The B-side starts to slip in quality in my opinion though.
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    Ermm, I'm lost.
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    Overall Favorite Albums

    I'll only list my very top favourite album of all time presently - Mercyful Fate's Melissa. The best written songs of all time, not a single bad riff, not a single bad solo, not a single bad transition, not a single bad vocal line. Every song is an absolute masterpiece and a monument for all...
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    This is actually my favourite Maiden song of all time. I think it's a forgotten absolute classic, should be up there with 'The Trooper' and 'Run to the Hills'. This was always the standout to me when I first started to listen to 'Killers'. 11/10
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    Hullo, I'm a new member. This isn't really an 'unpopular' opinion per-say - but there's really no where else for me to post this presently since apparently I'm not allowed to make threads at this point. Anyway, whenever I listen to 'Hallowed Be Thy Name', I'm becoming more and more convinced...