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    To Tame a Land

    Obviously, not.
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    Killers: Album Discussion

    Classic transitional album: half of the songs have clearly been discarded from Iron Maiden, the other half are a completely different style and are heading to The Number of the Beast-style.
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    Lost In A Lost World

    If they wanted us to listen it at 1.25x, then they would have recorded it at 1.25x. But that’s not what happened.
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    The Parchment

    Not how tempo works and surely not what "350bpm" means.
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    Your favorite 10 seconds of Maiden?

    Not my favorite 10 seconds ever (and I am not even sure it lasts for 10 seconds), but the moment when, in The Parchment, Bruce sings "hear the cry, we are ready to believe" is awesome.
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    Senjutsu's album review (song by song and overall)

    Senjutsu: 8 – excellent opener Stratego: 4 – may be the worst reunion track by Janick, here and there sounds incomplete to say the least The Writing on the Wall: 6.5 – easy listening, classic lead single Lost in a Lost World: 3 – horrible, only the intro and outro are of some interest Days of...
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    The Parchment

    ?! It's 16th notes at around 90bpm, and the down picking is far from last for 6 minutes, starting from 4:16 it clearly is alternate picking. And no down picking is happening starting from the end of Dave's solo til the end of Adrian's solo.
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    Days Of Future Past

    Pedal point.
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    The Parchment

    There is literally nothing out of the ordinary.
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    The Final Frontier: individual album judgement by yours truly

    2021 re-listening: Satellite 15... The Final Frontier: 5 – I still can't understand why they merged these two songs together; the intro kinda works, the song works... but not together El Dorado: 4/5 – cliché song Mother of Mercy: 7.5 – very good buildup, structure, lyrics... amateur editing...
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    Brave New World: individual album judgement by yours truly

    2021 re-listeninig: The Wicker Man: 6 – straight to the point, linear riffing, standard HM opener after all Ghost of the Navigator: 7/8 – nice build-up and melodies, good work on the chorus Brave New World: 7.5 – works better live, repetitive chorus (the 2nd over 3 songs) Blood Brothers: 7.5 –...
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    Virtual XI: individual album judgement by yours truly

    2021 re-listening: Futureal: 6 – passable shorter and opener, cool wild solo The Angel and the Gambler: 1 – still I question myself... why? Lighting Strikes Twice: 5/6 – nice melodies, laughable chorus The Clansman: 3.5 – I'm rating the album version, which is full of errors and condemned by an...
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    A Matter of Life and Death: individual album judgement by yours truly

    2021 re-listening Different World: 4.5 – standard riffs, enjoyable solo, laughable lyrics These Colours Don't Run: 6/7 – great mood, -0.25 due to the pointless 'oooh oooh' section Brighter than a 1000 Suns: 7.5 – cool riffing and ideas here and there, but too long and too repetitive The...
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    To Tame a Land

    Has ever been explicitly said (by Harris or someone linked to Harris) that that riff from To Tame a Land is based upon Albeniz' Asturias?
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    Worst Song from each Iron Maiden album

    Senjutsu - Lost in a Lost World