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    Official Star Wars Thread

    I'm sure GL is probably a fan of Maiden but no I am not him. Wish I had his money! Seriously though I can see why people would enjoy TFA. It's harmless fun and one doesn't really have to think very much. Ergo it is perfectly suitable for today's film audience. Just not my cup of tea...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    The exact same thing happened when the Phantom Menace was released. Most initial film critics gave it rave reviews. Then people started to realise the movie had major flaws and it's star faded. It will be exactly the same with The Force Awakens. People will begin to see that it is all smoke...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    Saw it yesterday and didn't like it.... Daisy Ridley was very good as were Han,Chewwie and BB-8. Also the practical effects and costumes were very well done. Unfortunately I got bored after about half an hour and whenever Supreme Leader Snoke appeared I almost walked out! Worst CGI/motion...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    Going next Tuesday with the kids.... Have an open mind and hoping it's better than 1, 2 and 3. Abrams better not mess this one up!!
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    Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

    Wasting Love and Public Enema.....
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    Win the Iron Maiden Official Calendar 2016

    Thanks guys....;) Christmas has come early! Looking forward to receiving my calendar!!!
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    I will never get over how bad episodes 1,2 and 3 are..... It will take a hell of a lot to get me back into enjoying the SW universe again. There is a lot riding on TFA..If it's as bad as the prequels I will not be watching any more of the sequels. Obviously hoping it's decent. BB-8 looks cool...
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    TBOS Tour Predictions

    Reckon they are going to play five songs from TBOS. IESF SOL TRATB DOG TBOS..... Will be surprised if they play any more. What the rarely played song/songs will be is anybody's guess. Hoping for BYDTTS or ATG... You never know.:)
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    Support Iron Maiden - "Loudwire Music Awards".

    Voted for Maiden where available..,
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    Win the Iron Maiden Official Calendar 2016

    I'm in..... Good luck everyone.:)
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    Vote for Maiden in Revolver's Album Of The Year! Let's kick Marilyn Manson's ass!

    Voted for Maiden (obviously).... Think they are too far behind though.
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    Imo his three best albums are.. Holy Diver (Dio) The Last in Line (Dio) Dream Evil (Dio) He was on fire both creatively and vocally during that period of time. Plus he had a great band. We used to have a ghetto blaster and used to roam the streets blasting Dio songs at full volume. It was...
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    Favorite bands

    Favourite band= Maiden Other bands I like. Saxon Blaze/Blaze Bayley Judas Priest Dio Leaves Eyes British Lion Cradle of fIlth Wasp Cathedral Metallica (apart from St Anger) AC/DC Lacuna Coil Don't really like non-metal music.
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    Children of the Damned

    9/10. Great song. Some fantastic soloing and great vocals.
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    Run to the Hills

    Great song, however hasn't stood the test of time as much as Hallowed and NOTB. 9/10