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    I'm not even being sarcastic, bu the way. This shit rocks
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    This dude at the bar is singing War Pigs and it's totally worth it
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Hell yeah. And for the record I don't actually feel old. It's just that normally on a night like this I'd be out at the bar or chilling with friends somewhere, but I just don't have the motivation or energy to do anything like that tonight so I'm just going to stay in by myself tonight. :)
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    It's 7:00 pm on a Saturday evening. I have no work and no responsibilities tomorrow, and the only thing I feel like doing is staying in and reading a book. Is this what getting old feels like? :S
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    THE CRUSADE OF EPICS: Top 128, Round 38

    @Mosh, Anesthetize could really use a helping hand...
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Wendy's it is! I've had both before. I do enjoy the Breakfast Crunchwrap from Taco Bell, the Breakfast Baconator from Wendy's is fire though.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Should I get Taco Bell breakfast or Wendy's breakfast? YOU decide! Vote now!
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    The Concert Thread

    I'm going to this festival in Virginia in September. I'm not super in love with any of the main headliners, but each day has several bands that will be cool to see. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to stay for the Sunday shows, but I'll be at Thurs - Sat for sure.
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    GAMES DISCUSSION - submissions welcome!

    I mean, we did something similar with mckindog's Maiden album game where songs from 2 different albums would battle it out head-to-head, but doing a big free-for-all tournament to determine the greatest Maiden song would be really cool, indeed.
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    GAMES DISCUSSION - submissions welcome!

    It might not be a bad idea to do some sort of Iron Maiden game to take advantage of the surge in activity on the forum. As for what kind of game, I don't know. A traditional survivor is the most logical, but doing something different would be fun too.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that @SinisterMinisterX would return to the forum before @Black Wizard! o_O:bigsurprise:
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    Any of the old lot still here?

    HOLY SHIT!!!
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    Dream Theater

    As excited as I am for a new DT release, I feel like the timing couldn't be worse. If they indeed do release a new album in the next few months it will be completely overshadowed by Maiden's album.
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    The Ultimate Album #17 Fantasy Contest Thread

    So I just looked over the entire thread, and other than The Writing on the Wall, there was exactly 1 instance of another title of a song that was correctly predicted. The honor goes to @Flaming Blimp Crash who correctly predicted He should win the game for this reason alone! :applause: Also...
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    Posting a new meme everyday 'til Iron Maiden releases new studio album

    We have an endpoint. Only 46 days to go, @Spambot, you can do this!