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    IRON MAIDEN ALBUM REFERENDUM 2020: Round 4; Top 16, #13

    No Prayer for Killers
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    And happy birthday to...

    Have a good one
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    Guilty pleasure right now :innocent:
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    Blast the fireworks and get that barbecue started...

    Happy birthday from one independence day birthday partner to another :nana:
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    What are your hobbies?

    Playing video games in my sparetime magic the gathering with a few mates trying to craft stuff from leftovers of wood (i'm kinda double lefthanded, but i try anyways) being the butler for my kids, which is a forced hobby i guess
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    IRON MAIDEN REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Hallowed Be Thy Name wins for the 5th time!

    oh boy this is tough... Powerslave
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    European Politics

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    Unleash The Archers

    Listened on Spotify, still sounded crappy
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    Unleash The Archers

    Ok track, sounds like shit though Apex sounded way cleaner than this
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    Great Song
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    Just started After Life Season 2 Ep.1 Not much going on really, but Ricky Gervais did a fantastic job the last 5 minutes