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    Somewhere back in time remaster

    Today at Wal-Mart, they had a "box" SiT album (CD) edition, with collectable Eddie figurine & patch included. Not sure if it's remastered or not, 'cause I was too distracted by the Eddie doll. You had to open the box to look at it, and then the store manager yells at you. He's a jerk. (BTW...
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    My cousin's friend (Steve) told me they've recorded a song called Alexander the Greatest. I think it's about Al Yankovic. So that song might be even better.
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    Iron Maiden jigsaw puzzles

    STAY AWAY: I once bought something from the Jigsaw Company, but when I opened the box, it had broken into like 500 pieces. That's horrible quality! WTF?!! My beautiful picture was ruined. Total rip-off I threw it straight in the garage.
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    IRON MAIDEN To Release "Sworn Angel" Album In October

    Sorrow Sphere Sorrow ain't a square It's shaped like a pear Or a fat woman's rear Woa-woa-wooooah... SORROW SPHERE! Buy some Trooper Beer Woa-woa-wooooah... SORROW SPHERE! (But then it starts to get repetitive)
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    Flight Of Icarus - Vocals Only

    I'm sure everything you're saying is totally right... but alas, I'm a low-tech man in a high-tech world. So, a golden apple (and/or a BOGO coupon at IHOP) for whomever provides a link to these gems... thank ya! I've always been in awe of Bruce's vocals. Hearing 'em isolated is flippin'...
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    Flight Of Icarus - Vocals Only

    Yowzers.... our boy can sure belt out a fuckin' tune, can't he? More like this, please!!
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    Yesterday's liberal is today's conservative. Used to be, the belief in individual rights & limited government were pretty radical positions. (Those crazy hippies like Washington, Locke, Bastiat & Jefferson...) Today, the expansion of government control & increased regulations over personal &...
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    Since we've adopted the Second Amendment, the King of England has only tried to invade us ONE TIME. So I'd say it's worked out pretty fuckin' well. Bang, bang.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Yes! My concept: Eddie snaps his fingers -- and Thanos turns into dust. (I'm not the ONLY ONE obsessing over the new trailer, am I??? That Thanos is a real dick.)
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    What if Maiden were Irish?

    Rye of the Ancient Mariner?
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    Sorry... this is a tough format to play pundit (and I'm ignoring work while playing on my phone anyway, and doing a bad job at both). I / we were speculating what role Bruce Dickinson's obvious admiration for Churchill might've played (or revealed) about his political leanings, in light of his...
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    You mean today? Nope. But in the context of the life & times of Winston Churchill? Sorry, but WW2 was kinda a big deal. Look it up: lots of people died. (WW1 also!) So nooo, not just Germany = Nazi, but Kaiser too. Look, if the same country launches TWO world wars over the course of your...
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    I was unfamiliar with that interview... and in all candor, he came across less like a conservative, and more like an asshole. (And yes, there IS a difference. Shuddup, you people in the peanut gallery!) Despite all the partisan butt-hurt that permeates everything nowadays, I know many, MANY...
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    Did Bruce rely on that? Or did he pay out-of-pocket for his own top-of-the-line medical treatment? He went from cancer diagnosis to chemo pretty f'n quickly... thank Gawd. I'm not trying to pick a fight... I honestly don't know. I **do** know that it's not uncommon for wealthy Europeans to...
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    Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

    Not with Germany in the driver's seat, my friend! (In fact, Churchill helped lead a pretty big war to PREVENT a certain kind of "unified" Europe... if ya catch my drift)