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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    1. Brave New World (still my favourite Maiden album) 2. Senjutsu 3. A Matter Of Life And Death 4. The Book Of Souls 5. Dance Of Death 6. The Final Frontier
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    Senjutsu charts position

    Senjutsu in Swiss album charts: 1st week: #1 2nd week: #2 3rd week: #2 4th week: #2
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    Hell On Earth

    I'm beginning to believe that Hell On Earth is obviously overrated.
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    Hell On Earth

    I feel that the lyrics don't go well with the happiness of the music.
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    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here

    My ranking of Senjutsu for the time being: 01. The Time Machine 9/10 02. The Parchment 9/10 03. Stratego 9/10 04. Days Of Future Past 9/10 05. Senjutsu 8/10 06. Lost In A Lost World 8/10 07. Hell On Earth 8/10 08. The Writing On The Wall 7/10 09. Darkest Hour 5/10 10. Death Of The Celts 3/10
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    Lost In A Lost World

    Just imagine Lost In A Lost World with the chorus from Days Of Future Past. The result would be an instant classic.
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    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    Who made them? They look superior to the Mark Wilkinson Eddies.
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    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    Where did you find this picture? It's not pictured in the CD booklet. Who is the artist?
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I received my Senjutsu vinyl album this morning.
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    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    This would have been a much better album cover!
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    Is Adrian's TWOTW solo better than SIASL????

    My favourite solo by Adrian is still the one in King In Crimson from the Chemical Wedding album.
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    New single: Stratego

    Stratego could really fit into the Brave New World album. Somehow it reminds me of The Mercenary. This is way better than The Writing On The Wall. The guitar solo is awesome. I could even imagine Blaze Bayley singing it...
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    Eddie would look so ace without those stupid extra fangs...
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    Abandoned Maiden songs

    In fact I only listen to a whole album by any band for maybe five times. Then I will only listen to the songs I like and I will skip the ones I don't care for. Why the hell should I mess up my listening pleasure with some garbage I don't like whatsoever.