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    2011-12 Survivor rules and information

    No. Phantom Of The Opera won both Priest & Queen survivors.
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    NP: a birthday!

    Happy birthday friend. Hope you have lots of beer and one giant cake. ;) :hbd:
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    Eddie's about to jump naked out of a cake! Because...

    Happy belated birthday!!! :hbd:
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    Wow, Very very belated one mate!! :D Sorry I didn't noticed earlier on. :eek:
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    Iron Maiden Survivor 2012: Rime wins

    I decided to give it another chance as well as BNW. I like it now... can't say the same for BNW though.
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    World Cup of Maidenfans

    Pink Floyd Queensryche Scorpions The Who.
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    Dave, happy birthday!

    Seconded. :hbd:
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    Iron Maiden Survivor 2012: Rime wins

    The Evil That Men Do Futureal Brave New World.
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    Queen Survivor 2012: Bohemian Rhapsody wins

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love I'm Going Slightly Mad Headlong. P.S. SMX, it's I Can't Live With You. ;)
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    Video Games Survivor?

    Me too.
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    1 is now 21

    Happy birthday my friend! :)
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    Iron Maiden Survivor 2012: Rime wins

    Re: Iron Maiden Survivor III: Quarterfinals round 4 (Dec 16-17) Repeat until elimination.
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    Dream Theater Survivor II FINAL BATTLE: Metropolis vs A Change Of Seasons

    Re: Dream Theater Survivor II: #3 (Dec 20-21) Learning To Live.