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    A great return to form

    I'm with you - I was afraid of another weak album after TBOS, but the singles sounded promising and now that I have heard the whole album multiple times, I agree it could be trimmed here and there, but in overall, pretty good result. If it is their last, then what an end, right? The great thing...
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    The Unbeliever

    Great song. Never got fed up with this one contrary to other IM material. One of the songs I love The X-Factor for.
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    Why not Paul Dianno instead of Blaze?

    Well, a thread full of what-ifs and guesswork :-) I think Blaze is not a good singer (live especially), he has problems with intonation which can be heard even on studio efforts (e.g. in the chorus of Sign of the Cross), but that being said, I consider The X-Factor to be the best IM album along...
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    European Politics Maybe, they should separate them by the country of origin :-) Sadly, I heard that some of them lie about their origin saying they are syrians even when they are not...
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    European Politics

    Seems I should start learning Arabic if we are about to be a part of a new caliphate :-) Nice guy, isn't he?
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    European Politics

    I do not know about others, but I am afraid of losing money (the immigrants will have hard time finding a job -> it will be us who will pay for their homes and food - this is already happening with Gipsies here) or losing life being attackend in a dark alley :-) I think it is not just about...
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    European Politics

    Ok this will be a "hearsay" because I do not live near such area: 1. Chánov - Roma ghetto in the Czech Republic 2. Heinz Buschkowsky and his book "Neukölln ist überall" - talks about problems with muslims in Neukölln. 3. I also heard about some such locations in France, I apologize for not being...
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    European Politics

    LooseCannon: Hmm, I do not know :-) The european countries were not able to solve their no-go zone problems so far. I do not think they will be able to handle immigrants better. From your description of Canada, it seems that immigrants are willing to integrate/adapt there, but it does not seems...
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    If Eternity Should Fail

    I have read it right now and it is not much of a story :) It is a part of a multi-issue story arc. In this part I have not read the lyrics of the song too carefully, but I think the only common thing is that it talks about some mystical things?
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    If Eternity Should Fail

    Fun fact: I tried to scan/search this thread and was not able to find this: I happen to read some old Dr. Strange comics stories nowadays and one of them is called "If Eternity Should Fail!" (Strange Tales Vol 1, #138)
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    European Politics

    The Flash: that is good about the arabists I mentioned - they try to put it to perpective - e.g Hrbek's Quran translation contains quite a large commentary to the respective surahs. So I hope to learn a lot from him. Musil even lived among Arabs, albeit that was around 1900 - not recently :)...
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    European Politics

    I'm from the Czech Republic and yes, I agree, we should be cut financially, we should have left EU a long time ago actually, I think :-) And yes, we are afraid of unknown. I actually do not follow these immigrant problems that much, but I believe large countries like Germany or France already...
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    The Book Of Souls sounds so much better on vinyl (Videos)

    This is what I think they should do. Hey - how expensive pressing of CD can be? What about giving us four CDs instead of two? One pair would contain "travel mix" - a bit compressed, let's say DR7 or DR8 - still listenable, but loud, and the second pair would contain "audiophile mix" - it's not...
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    PAUL DI'ANNO To Perform Entire First IRON MAIDEN Album On Upcoming U.S. Tour

    Just a warning, I have heard about a similar gig (Paul DiAnno – June 19, 2010, 7 pm,  Sydney – The Gaelic Theatre) - full Iron Maiden album + some tracks from Killers. Reportedly, Paul had some issues with microphone, lost his temper, called everyone names including his band members and the gig...
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    Westman, Indsman and other troubles of a would-be translator

    Yeah, it seems very likely :-) And the Czech translations use "westman" (without the last 'n') - this is probably where my confusion comes from, because May's version with double 'n' sounds like a correct german word. Some translator then removed one 'n' and the word started to look like...