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Official MLB baseball thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Travis The Dragon, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    No, I don't. Mostly I find the majority of sports incredibly boring and the commercialism disgusting. But fans are the icing on the cake.
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  2. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

  3. bearfan

    bearfan Ancient Mariner

    Bill Murray doing some post game interviews .. .
  4. Cornfed Hick

    Cornfed Hick Electric Eye

    Sports kick ass. They are the original, ultimate "Reality TV."

    That said, I do agree that regular-season professional basketball, baseball and hockey games can be rather boring all in all. Playoffs, though, are a different story. The game last night was very exciting, and it's tough to top a sudden death overtime in the Stanley Cup Finals.
  5. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon SCREAM FOR ME MINNESOTA!!!

    Ya, football is the only regular season sport that's exciting to watch.
  6. Brigantium

    Brigantium Work Geordie for hire Staff Member

    For the most part, I'm with Mr.K on this. Not a fan of endless sports punditry on TV, barrage of advertising, sport-related small talk (cars and soap operas being the other universally accepted small talk topics) and sports events being used as an excuse for being a violent thug. Fan behaviour in all its glory really dampened my enthusiasm for football (the soccer variety).
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  7. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

  8. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    Pre/post game interviews are some of the most ridiculous things I've seen.
  9. bearfan

    bearfan Ancient Mariner

    Watched the parade/rally .. looks like the best be to was to drive north on Lake Short and just pull your car over :)
  10. Detective Beauregard

    Detective Beauregard Dr. Shreddington

    I just realized this thread existed!

    Wow... what an amazing series, with probably the most exciting baseball game I've ever seen to cap it off. These teams were so evenly-matched that they each scored 27 runs in the series. Another interesting fact: The last two grand slams in World Series history were Addison Russell in Game 6 and Paul Konerko (White Sox) in Game 2 in 2005. Hell yeah Chicago!

    To respond to some earlier inquires about the Cubs/Sox rivalry, many Sox fans (some in just good-natured fun) dislike the Cubs and their fans. Some hate the Cubs and their fans. Why? Jealousy. The Sox have never gotten the exposure that the Cubs have; they've always been Chicago's "other" baseball team. On the other side of the fence, most Cubs fans could care less about the Sox or their fans. Why? Because they're irrelevant. This apathy annoys many Sox fans even more. It's kind of funny when you think about it.

    @MrKnickerbocker -- Yes, some people are assholes. But 99.999% of them celebrated peacefully. I was around Wrigley Field after the Game 4 loss, and people were disappointed but there was no damage, car-flipping, looting, etc. Cops were throwing footballs up to balconies and back. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

    I work in the area that housed the Cubs parade and rally yesterday, and it was a sight. They dyed the river blue (unfortunately that's not its natural color). There were an estimated 5 million people at the rally -- making it the 7th largest gathering in world history and the largest in US history. Wow! In comparison, the Blackhawks had roughly 3 million each time they've won over the last seven years (three times), and the White Sox had 1.5 million in 2005 (lol).

    I even passed a golden retriever wearing a Javier Baez jersey on my way to work. He's waited his whole life for this, too!
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  11. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon SCREAM FOR ME MINNESOTA!!!

    Well, the Twins are off to a great start with 4 wins in a row and with Cleveland's loss, they take over first place for now.
  12. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon SCREAM FOR ME MINNESOTA!!!

    And the battle for first place between Minnesota and Cleveland continues! They're not alone in that though.
  13. Detective Beauregard

    Detective Beauregard Dr. Shreddington

    A Twins vs. Cubs World Series would be fun.

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