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New Profile Posts

  1. Collin
    Prying open my Third Eye!!!
  2. chadthedrummer7
    chadthedrummer7 bearfan
    Bear! hey sir... so how many people you have attending the Trooper VIP? I can't believe it is 4:30 in the afternoon. Muthah fuckah's gotta work! Shit. And drop off the kids at her mom's. It is going to be REAL TOUGH to get there at 4:30!?
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  3. Diesel 11
    Diesel 11
    And the legend said that who untied the knot / He would become the master of Asia
    1. JudasMyGuide
      Well, not if he tied up the fucking thing in the first place! :-P
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:12 PM
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  4. Mosh
    Has listened to every Buckethead album
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    2. JudasMyGuide
      "You should be proud. You should be tested, but you should be proud."
      Jun 15, 2017
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    3. CriedWhenBrucieLeft
      Well, not every album...
      Jun 16, 2017
  5. Purgatory666
    Me and my son saw them in Bristow and it was the best concert we ever saw!!!
  6. JudasMyGuide
    I've got a fever and the only prescription is more covfefe!!!
  7. LooseCannon
  8. Lampwick 43
    Lampwick 43
    Looking down from ethereal skies. Silent crystalline tears I cry. For all must say their last goodbye - To paradise.
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  9. PlayLikeHarris
    The Blizzard goes on but still they must fly, no one should go where eagles dare.
  10. MrKnickerbocker
    We sailed across the sea before we learned to fly.
  11. AlexS
    Maiden California gigs: Jun 24 @ Whiskey Barrel, Stockton, Jul 7 @ Whiskey Dick's, S. Lake Tahoe: Number of the Beast in its entirety +more!
  12. AlexS
    Maiden California (NorCal Iron Maiden tribute) next gig: June 24, 2017, Whiskey Barrel, Stockton: Number of the Beast in its entirety +more!
  13. matic22
    In a world of steel and glass. We bury our past.
  14. Nathan Alexander
    Nathan Alexander
    Heaven Can Wait!
  15. Jason keady
    Jason keady Damocles
    Hi mate just seeing if you managed to sell your spare ticket as yet for the Nottngham show ?
    Whereabouts in the arena is the ticket for ?
    We'd have to go into the the venue together as you're the card holder. Let me in wow what you think :)
    I've not seen the irons for many years , like an idiot I left it too late to get a ticket on general sale.
  16. JudasMyGuide
    "I once thought it better to regret // Things that I have done than haven't // Sometimes you've got to be wrong // And learn the hard way"
  17. Legatodave
    Scream for me Hammersmith!!!!
  18. Lampwick 43
    Lampwick 43
    I don't wanna take what you can give. I would rather starve than eat your bread.
  19. JudasMyGuide
    "I can feel my body breaking, I'm ready to let it all go // I can feel my body shaking, right down to the foundation - the root of it all"
  20. LooseCannon
    Now the proud possessor of tickets for London (May 27), London (May 28), Chicago, and Toronto 2017!