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Lord of Wolves 78
Lord of Wolves 78
I meant to say to you that I have loads of rare and very rare Eddie pics all in hi-res to very hi-res if you are interested. So if you have any hard to find ones that your looking for let me know and I'll see if I can help you.
Hey Diesel, I hope you are safe and alright,

So I saw your Iced Earth references to No More Lies in the Guess the Song game thread. I will say about myself that I am unfamiliar with Iced Earth, but I will also say that their song Brothers legitimately is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in my life.

What's a good starters point for diving into Iced Earth?
Night Prowler
Night Prowler
Dark Saga -> Night Of The Stormrider -> Something Wicked This Way Comes -> Horror Show -> Alive In Athens -> Burnt Offerings
Diesel 11
Diesel 11
Dark Saga doesn’t encapsulate the IE experience as well as SWTWC though. And Stormrider doesn’t have Barlow. :p
Whoa there, Diesel being asked for advice on Iced Earth. Ironic! :D
Stay tuned for Diesel and I's next list collaboration. Top 20 Faces Dave Murray makes when playing a solo.
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Hi Don
I have seen that you were desperately looking for
iron maiden limited edition print hand signed by derek riggs released in 2006 only available on Iron Maiden com
if you are still in the market for one
I'm willing to sell for £600.00
the number is 594 out of 1000

please email me
i can send you photos of the item
hope to hear from you soon
metal monkey
Hi napalmivore, sorry for the late reply. But I didn't have much access to the net while I was on holidays. I'll need your email address for those rare Eddie images when you get a chance.
Hi Lord Of Wolves, sorry for the late reply too ! My email address is : Feel free to get in touch. I also have dozens of rare Eddie pictures so perhaps we can trade a little bit. Thank you very much !!!
Lord of Wolves 78
Lord of Wolves 78
Hi napalmivore , I have loads of hi-res Eddie images, so if you are looking for any very rare ones including any of the classic Christmas Eddie's I'm your man! And they are all in hi-res to very hi resolutions. I would love to get some rare Eddie images from you, so long as they are in hi-res. My email is
Would you be willing to elaborate slightly on your comment regarding the Scorpions. Was it energy of the band or something else?
Black Wizard
Black Wizard
Klaus can barely sing any more and when he spoke it was just mumbling. The whole show is choreographed and soulless, too many instrumental parts and medleys. Time to call it a day.
The Dissident
The Dissident
Very displeased to hear that Klaus' has deteriorated that much, last time I saw him it was a slight step down from the previous time but what you've described sounds so much worse. I agree their sets have had too many instrumental parts. I was a fan of the 70s medley when I saw them but looking at their current set it does look quite lackluster. Thanks for elaborating!
Hi Andruku, I see you downloaded my pictures I sent you. We Transfer tells you that the other person has downloaded the files. I just don't like it when someone doesn't get back to you, and thanks you. So what did you think of resolutions of my Eddie images?