Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

(in no order):

Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Trooper
To Tame A Land
Aces High
2 Minutes To Midnight
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Caught Somewhere In Time
Stranger In A Strange Land
Infinite Dreams
The Clairvoyant


Rockin in Rio
Done this list plenty of times. 7 out of the 10 always stay the same but the other 3 change depending on how life has been lately. So here's my top 10 going into the summer
10-Infinite dreams
9-Dance of death
5-Sea of Madness
4-Run to the hills
3-Stranger in a Strangeland
2-Rime of the ancient mariner
1-Phantom of the Opera


R+ Bootleg Trader
In no particular order because I'm tired as hell lol...

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name
2. Running Free
3. The Duelists
4. Blood Brothers
5. Still Life
6. Phantom Of The Opera
7. Children Of The Damned
8. Revelations
9. To Tame A Land
10. Flash Of The Blade


Perhaps this post doesn't seem to belong here, but I've always had trouble putting together my list of favorite songs by any band. I'm one of those people who would rather listen to an entire album in one go, because individual songs being repeated over and over again actually kill the vibe for me. I'd rather my emotions get carried through the whole experience of not just one or two songs, but the whole of an album.

Needless to say, I've always enjoyed "Aces High", "Phantom of the Opera", "Murders in the Rue Morgue", "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner", and "Invaders" a lot.


Libera et impera!
1: Aces High
2: Caught Somewhere In Time
3: Paschendale
4: Fear Of The Dark
5: Hallowed Be Thy Name
6: 2 Minutes To Midnight
7: Phantom Of The Opera
8: Infinite Dreams
9: Out Of The Silent Planet
10: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Honourable Mention: Revelations, Powerslave, The Evil That Men Do, When The Wild Wind Blows


Not in order:

2)Infinite Dreams
3)For The Greater Good of God
6)Where Eagles Dare
7)Stranger in a Strange Land
8)Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
10)These Colours Dont Run


Educated Fool
Off the top of my head, until I remember that I've forgotten an album or something...

1. Two Minutes to Midnight
2. Wrathchild
3. Revelations
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
5. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
6. Moonchild
7. Phantom of the Opera
8. El Dorado
9. Coming Home
10. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

And, in the time it took to type that, it's already changed.... Ho hum.


Ancient Mariner

1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Sea of Madness
3. Ghost of the Navigator
4. The Pilgrim
5. Hallowed be thy Name
6. Purgatory
7. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
8. Still Life
9. Infinite Dreams
10. Powerslave
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Ancient Mariner
^ will always be my favorite song and I believe Maiden's best. Amazing intro, epic guitar riffs, mind blowing twin guitar harmony and great mysterious lyrics. Perfect Maiden song
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Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
1980 - 1992
1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Run To The Hills
3. Fear of the Dark
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
5. Infinite Dreams
6. Revelations
7. 22 Acacia Avenue
9. Killers
10. Wasted Years


1. Ghost of the Navigator
2. Paschendale
3. Man On the Edge
4. Sign of the Cross
5. Brave New World
6. Dance of Death
7. The Edge of Darkness
8. Journeyman
9. The Talisman
10. Rainmaker

Non-album songs (singles and B-sides) - note: when I first heard them, "Sanctuary", "Twilight Zone" and "Total Eclipse" were B-sides so they stay that way.
1. Sanctuary ("Running Free - live" single)
2. Total Eclipse
3. Reach Out
4. Doctor Doctor
5. My Generation
6. Twilight Zone
7. Justice of the Peace
8. Massacre
9. Women in Uniform
10. Kill Me Ce Soir


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Time for an update.

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name
2. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
3. Alexander the Great
4. When the Wild Wind Blows
5. Sign of the Cross
6. Caught Somewhere in Time
7. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Coincidence?)
8. Dance of Death
9. Phantom of the Opera
10. Isle of Avalon

Others that occasionally crack the top ten:
- The Talisman
- Infinite Dreams
- Paschendale
- Heaven Can Wait
- Brave New World
- The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
- Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner


In order of appearence

The ides of march
Another life
Genghis khan
Where eagles dare
Still life
To tame a land
Flash of the blade
Alexander the great
Can I play with madness
The evil that men do
I think it outnumbered..


Educated Fool
No order.

Aces High
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
To Tame A Land
Wasted Years
The Evil That Men Do
The Prisoner
The Wicker Man
Different World