Your Listening Arrangement for Book of Souls


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I never actually went through a process of listening a 92 minute album. So I think I'll treat each CD as a separate album.


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I'm surprised by how much drinking & lights out there's going to be! :huh:

I've pre-ordered it from Amazon, so I'll get the MP3 on the 4th regardless of whether the CD is in my hand or not. I have the day off & also have the day to myself, so will probably get through the album a couple of times in the morning.

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I will do the following:

1) Get two cold beers out of the freezer and have them beside me.
2) Will drink them and get a buzz.
3) Will make sure no one can disturb me.
4) Will get my headphones and play the album until the end.
5) Will probably have some things next to me to punch or trow as the excitment runs....

PS: How do we get the MP3 version of the deluxe edition into our iphones etc? How do we download them?


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
For Final Frontier and From Fear to Eternity there were greek editions that look like magazines,

do they still do that in Greece?

I actually bought this version of TFF. I actually posted a copy to an IMFC member back then. I also saw this FFTE edition too.

Back to your question. I don't buy any metal mags anymore. So there is a great possibility I did not see a relevant ad for TBOS. But I belive there won't be such an edition this time around.


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Probably just lounge in my chair with my headphones on.. no food, no drinks, perhaps a confetti cannon.

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I will forget about it, go to the pub after work on the Friday, be busy all Saturday and most of Sunday. So I'll listen to it on headphones, standing up (this part is important), on the Sunday evening. Or if I've gone out for dinner, replace Sunday with Tuesday.

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I plan to listen as soon as I get a hold of whatever copy in whatever format first becomes available. Since I'm always helping to watch my autistic brother during the hours from when I first wake up which is around 2PM until I head to my room to eat and settle in which is around 1-3AM, I won't be giving the album a good full listen until I'm settled in. I plan to listen at least 2 full times and a 3rd if I'm not too tired.


Well I have the deluxe cd and vinyl on order from and have the iTunes version on order as well so will put the iTunes one on my iPod at 00:01 Friday morning then go to bed and the go to work and spend the day in my office doing "Paper Work".


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I'll do the same as I've done for the last two albums: you'll find me in the chatroom counting the couplets.

Where do you people get this obsession with being alone and undisturbed? It's a CD. You'll hear it many times. The first is not actually so magical...
I do like to have a chance to give it a nice fully attentive listen while reading along with the lyrics, undisturbed. Whether that's the first time or not isn't too important, but it's nice to do that at least once.


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I also follow the lyrics, look at the booklet etc as I listen the first time. I don't consider the chatroom a disturbance... usually. :D

For myself, an attentive first listen never matters in the long run with Maiden. I'll play the album 20 times in a row, and I tend to absorb things through repeated hearings. I'd say it took a minimum 10 plays before I felt I'd fully absorbed previous Maiden albums. It's a process, and the beginning - that first listen - is fun but not critical.

I may also see about the preview party at Twist & Shout on the 3rd, so my first listen might be in a room full of Maiden fans anyway.


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The whole lying down alone in the dark while listening without any distraction is a great way experience the album for the first time. With all your senses focusing on listening you can easily immerse yourself into the album and forget all your troubles for just those 1.5 hrs. I have done that with every post reunion maiden album. Listening to atmospheric epics like Dance of Death, Isle of Avalon in that way for the first time was simply amazing. Recommended.