Your Listening Arrangement for Book of Souls


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With the album two weeks away I am planning to do the following:

1. Telling my wife not to disturb me for 2 hrs on the 4th and Switch off my phone.

2. Turn the lights out/make the room dark.

3. Chilled drink nearby my couch

4. Blutooth 7.1 wireless Headset with deep bass setting.

5. Listening to entire album, lying on my couch, eyes closed in its entirety.

The second run of the cd i want to do on my soundbar in full blast along with the wifey.

How about you guys? What kind of sound system, additional preparations do you have? Plz share. :)
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I was actually thinking of creating a thread about this the other day. :) I think I'll also put the CD in the stereo and listen to it on the headphones. The plus factor is that my girlfriend will be away for the week so I'll be all alone.

But yeah, I'll try to have the first listen without any distractions.

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How do you have time to go to HMV before going to your work? Or do you an "office" at home?
I'm a PhD student so I just choose my own hours. Plus it's outside of term time at the moment so there are no meetings or seminars at the moment. I'll just have to make sure I won't have a meeting with my supervisors that morning.


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It seems to be the intention of all of you to physically get your hands on the CD on the 4th. Is this the general plan? What about those of you who have ordered online --do we expect to get the CD before the weekend?

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I'll be picking it up on my way to work on Friday, agonizing with impatience for 9 hours, then picking up a 12 pack of decent beer and locking myself in my room and getting completely lost in the music. Saturday I'll be doing nothing but listening to the album all day, with the possible exception of watching a little bit of college football.


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Well, I have to be at a stag party that Friday and the wedding is on Saturday, so I kind of doubt I'll be able to immerse myself into the album right when it comes out. Not to mention that I have it pre-ordered, and I might not get it before Monday.


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We never get the CDs on their global release date. I am talking about Greece of course. Thus I can't really plan the whole thing beforehand.

What I normally do once I get the CD.

1) Take the day off

2) Break up with my girlfriend (check)

3) Listen to the music on my Home Cinema using rock/ metal equaliser settings.

4) 2-3 Erdingers sound about right as well.


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Yes, this is going to deserve the headphone treatment at home in the dark! I'll be trying to pick it up on Friday as well--from the record store after work. It's funny, that the closer I get to the day, the calmer I'll be (while right now I'm aflutter with impatience). Caught on to Iron Maiden just three years ago when heard them on the radio in my car for the first time (and ironically hated the song--Number of the Beast--but loved the band name--yes, I've been told I live under a rock, too), so after the first impressions listen, I'll be getting most of my exposure in the car and soak it all in over the next few weeks. Also, I'll probably keep running back to this forum to see what everyone else notices in the music!


I might get it from my record store on the 1st, and if so, I'll immediately pop it in my computer and listen to it all. Then I'll put it on my phone to listen on the go.
I have preordered the deluxe CD but if it doesn't arrive by release date I am happy to forgo $20 or so to download the album from iTunes. Two consecutive listens planned lying horizontal with earphones and wearing a Maiden tee shirt followed by a third listen on the stereo while listening on the couch. If I have the CD in my hands I'll read lyrics and look at the book's artwork during the second listen but not the first.