Your favourite songs for each decade


Educated Fool
Our poll for the best song has reached semi finals with following songs:

1980s: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1990s: Sign of the Cross
2000s: For the Greater Good of God
2010s: Hell on Earth

However, I know everybody has different favourites as the "song of the decade". So I would love to see your personal choices for each decade. Mine would be as follows:

1980s: Children of the Damned
1990s: Fear of the Dark
2000s: Dance of Death
2010s: The Book of Souls

By the way, don't forget to vote for the semi finals in the Forum Games section (Round 3, part 1)


Educated Fool
I'll choose three:
70s: Remember Tomorrow/Prowler/Burning Ambition
80s: Phantom of the Opera/Caught Somewhere in Time/Infinite Dreams
90s: Sign of the Cross/Fear of the Dark/Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
2000s: No More Lies/Different World/Dance of Death
2010s: The Book of Souls/The Red and the Black/If Eternity Should Fail
2020s: Hell On Earth/Stratego/Days of Future Past
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Ancient Mariner
1980s : Hallowed Be Thy Name // Rime Of The Ancient Mariner // Caught Somewhere In Time // Infinite Dreams
1990s : Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter // Fear Of The Dark // The Aftermath // The Clansman
2000s : The Nomad // Dance Of Death // For The Greater Good Of God
2010s : The Talisman // The Book Of Souls // The Parchment
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1980s, at the time: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1980s, now: Powerslave

1990s, at the time: Afraid to Shoot Strangers
1990s, now: Fear of the Dark, live (not a live album, I mean actually seeing it live)

2000s, at the time: Paschendale
2000s, now: Paschendale ... perfection doesn't degrade over time.

2010s, at the time: When the Wild Wind Blows
2010s, now: PASCHENDALE!


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
1980 - 2022:
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
If Eternity Should Fail
The Red and The Black
The Book of Souls
Lost in A Lost World
The Parchment
Hell On Earth
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Ancient Mariner
80s:Infinite Dreams
90s:Afraid to shoot strangers
00s:The Wicker Man
10s:If etternity should fail
20s:Senjutsu(so far)
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Ancient Mariner
70's - Phantom Of The Opera by far.
80's - Aces High AND Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (my two top Maiden songs of all time... and no I won't pick just one).
90's - Easily Sign Of The Cross.
2000's - Now it starts to get tricky... there's Montségur, Face In The Sand, The Thin Line, These Colors Don't Run, Benjamin Breeg... but when it's all said and done I think I'll go with For The Greater Good Of God.
2010's - Another tough one. When The Wild Wind Blows and The Book Of Souls are amazing. But I'll give a slight edge to The Talisman.
2020's - Hell On Earth, of course.
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Top 3 starting with most.

80s: Wasted Years, Hallowed, Aces [HM: Phantom, Rime, Powerslave]
90s: Fear Of The Dark, The Clansman
00s: For The Greater Good Of God, Paschendale, Dance Of Death [HM: The Wicker Man]
10s: Hell On Earth , Book Of Souls, The Talisman (Live)
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The dotage of a dotard
80s: At the moment I’m feeling “The Clairvoyant” a little bit stronger than “Hallowed”.
90s: Nothing over an 8/10 in my book from this decade, but this one probably comes down to “Fates Warning” vs. “Judas Be My Guide”. I think the epicness of “Fates Warning” edges out the victory here.
00s: “The Longest Day”
: “When The Wild Wind Blows”
: “Hell On Earth” edges out “The Parchment”.


Out of the Silent Planet
80s: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (on close second? HBTN, RTTH, FOI, Trooper, Aces High, 2MTM, Powerslave, Wasted Years, ATG, TETMD, Wrathchild, Prowler and POTO).
90s: Fear Of The Dark (Clansman, SOTC, ATSS, NPFTD, JOH and Wasting Love on close second).
00s: The Wicker Man (Blood Brothers, GOTN, OOTSP, DOD and Rainmaker on close second).
10s: The Talisman (SOTV and EOTC on close second).
20s: Hell On Earth (Stratego is the next in line).
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Ancient Mariner
The Number of the Beast
Sign of the Cross
Empire of the Clouds

EDIT: I forgot Senjutsu was this decade :lol: Death of the Celts


Priest of the Holy Wristband
70s : Phantom of the Opera
80s : Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
90s : Fortunes of War
00s : When the Wild Wind Blows
10s : The Red and the Black
20s : Hell on Earth


80s - Hallowed Be Thy Name
90s - Be Quick or Be Dead
00s - These Colours Don't Run
10s - The Alchemist
20s - Days of Future Past


Ancient Mariner
I'll choose three:
70s: Prowler/Burning Ambition/Iron Maiden
80s: Phantom of the Opera/Caught Somewhere in Time/Infinite Dreams
Just a technicality... I don't know if we're taking in account each song according to its release date or the first time it was played live. If it's the latter Phantom Of The Opera was first played in 1979.

Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
70s Charlotte The Harlot
80s Caught Somewhere In Time
90s Mother Russia
00s Paschendale
10s Shadows Of The Valley
20s Lost In A Lost World (simply just because of the balladish end alone)


The dotage of a dotard
Anyway, 1980 is the last year of the 70s. It's with that in mind that I've made my list.
Uh, no. That off-by-one thing only applies to ordinal designations (21st century, 2nd millennium, etc.) because there was no year 0 and you’re counting up blocks of 100 or 1000 years in a row. When you’re citing directly by number, e.g. “the 1980s”, that literally means Jan 1 1980 through Dec 31 1989.
70s - Remember Tomorrow
80s - Revelations
90s - Fear of the Dark
00s - Brighter than a Thousand Suns
10s - The Book of Souls
20s - Stratego
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