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If we look at the main team sports (in their modern form) that originated from England (Football, Rugby and Cricket), we can then look at the first internationals played in each of them. No surprises are to be found when we can learn that in both Rugby and Football, the first international was played between England and Scotland - but what about Cricket? Scotland is not that renowned for Cricket, so perhaps we could suggest that it was England against someone else - Australia would be most peoples best educated guess, the first test match dates back to 1877, but even that would be wrong.

In fact, the first international did not involve England at all. Neither did it involve any test playing team. It was in fact played between USA and Canada in 1844.

Like I said, you learn something new every day. :D


LooseCannon said:
Technically, that was the British Colony of Canada vs the USA.
Obviously, we're not talking about technicalities here.


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People used to breed crickets and then make them fight each other in contests of strength and endurance? Like Pokemon? How cruel! :p