Would you like to see all of The Final Frontier performed live?

Would you like to see the full album performed live?

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    Votes: 29 74.4%
  • no

    Votes: 10 25.6%

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Re: Would you like to see the full album performed live?

Hell damn yes!!  As I've mentioned previously, I think this album is greater than the sum of its parts and is best savoured as a whole.  With the right set, venue and visuals it could be just awesome...
Re: Would you like to see the full album performed live?

And I just thought of something. Even though they said they aren't going to do it all, they could change their mind on that because of how well the album is selling and charting.
Re: Would you like to see the full album performed live?

No, not really.  I'd rather hear a balanced set of 2000s, 90s, and 80s Maiden with Coming Home, El Dorado, Starblind, When the Wild Wind Blows, The Final Frontier, and Isle of Avalon from the new album.  Alternatively, the same but with all TFF songs replaced by Starblind. :ninja:

Why?  Playing albums has become too much of a trend lately.  Maiden did it with AMOLAD.  I've seen Slayer do it.  I've almost seen Megadeth do it.  TFF is a great album, but AMOLAD was more deserving of being played live from start to finish.  There are Maiden songs that I want to see live more than many TFF songs.  When the Wild Wind Blows is excellent, but I would choose Rime over it any day of the week though I have seen the song live twice (one of the best live experiences I've had ever).  The Alchemist is a great rocker, but I would take Wasted Years if I had the choice.  El Dorado is a good live song, but These Colours Don't Run works better.  Basically, for almost each song on TFF, there is a song of similar style and length that I would probably want to hear more.  I would say only Starblind and Coming Home are ones that I absolutely must have in the set list.

That being said, I will not object to any individual TFF song being in the set list, as they are all deserving to be played live.  I would certainly love the gig even if they played TFF all the way through.  Also, if they decided to replace the songs not played from TFF with Run to the Hills, Wrathchild, The Trooper, Iron Maiden, Can I Play with Madness, and The Number of the Beast, I would absolutely take TFF.  
I would want to see the whole album performed live for sure. In my opinion, this album has absolutely no fillers. I'm not crazy on TMWWBK, but it is definitely not filler.
I despise the Alchemist so I wouldn't want to see that taking up space, and I could do without the first 3 tracks. Play the rest and I'm happy.
I would love to see the album performed in it's entirety and I feel the band would be very keen to do this.  If they do this I would be very happy, particularly if they also play a couple of reunion songs in the remainder of the set - I've never seen a reunion song live.

I thought AMOLAD was an interesting experiment but I'd prefer 5-6 new songs and then some older ones mixed in.

I LOVE the new album, but part of the fun of a live show is the crowd experience and I've never seen a more bored crowd than I did in 2006.  Which is sad as they were great shows.
Yes. Especially if that'd be the only possibility to see at least 3 out of these 5 following tracks:

Mother of Merci, The Alchemist, Isle of Avalon, Starblind and WTWWB.
Please, for the love of God, noooooooo!

Tracks 1-4 and one of Starblind/Talisman/WTWWB (perhaps rotating) would be sufficient.

I would however, like it if they kept the 2000 and later theme, dropping (are we still doing spoilers?)
No More Lies, Wildest Dreams, Dance of Death, Breeg and Ghost of the Navigator

and perhaps switching up the
two of the five classics--obviously Fear, IM and HBN are here to stay ad infinitum.
I could live without Mother of Mercy (still a good song though), but I'm pretty sure playing the whole album is the only way to hear TMWWBK and Isle of Avalon, so that's a vote for the whole thing.

I'm starting to get this creeping dread feeling that the only long song being played from this album is going to be Where the Wild Wind Blows, and MAYBE the Talisman, which will be great but those songs, while phenomenal, are rooted squarely in Maiden tradition. Isle of Avalon and TMWWBK bring some pretty damn new stuff to the table.

The songs are not related musically or lyrically so they could plunge some old classics between the new songs. There's not a song I would regret to see live.

Coming home, Isle of Avalon, The Man Who Would Be King, The Alchemist are a must, that's for sure. I could sacrifice others, but better with than without.
If the question is "Would you like to see all of The Final Frontier performed live instead of a typical Iron Maiden setlist?" --- Then I'd probably prefer a typical setlist, which is a mix of songs from different albums.

If the question is simply "Would you like to see all of The Final Frontier performed live?" --- Then why the heck not, yeah?
Ideally we would hear the entire album except Mother of Mercy, which I dislike more and more (relative to the others on the album, anyway --I'd still rather hear it than 99% of the crap currently out there).  Also, I  don't think Isle of Avalon will make for a great live song, but I'd still like to see it.
No, 'cos I'm in favour of another fast song instead of The Alchemist. Also, When The Wild Wind Blows is one of Steve's solo compositions that might not work live like FTGGOG and the full TAATG.
Straaaaaaange alchemy!

No, I could do without hearing Mother of Mercy, for sure. I'm not so sure I'd want to hear The Talisman, either. Those two tracks are becoming less and less impressive to me as time goes on, though they are far from terrible. The Final Frontier, El Dorado, Starblind, The Alchemist, and Where The Wild Wind Blows.

I'd love to hear Isle of Avalon as well, but I doubt we'll see Geddy Harris pull that one of his hat.