Worst Song from each Iron Maiden album


Ancient Mariner
It almost feels like a loophole, and I took advantage of that.
Yup indeed. I simply love Killers in its entirety and think TIOM is a superb intro to the whole album. Nevertheless as a song per se lacks a bit more of passages and development... and that's totally fine and intentional because it's meant to be an intro. But yeah... is one hell of a loophole that prevents songs like Drifter or Another Life being thrown under the bus.


Iron Maiden - Charlotte the Harlot
Killers - Another Life
The Number Of The Beast - Gangland
Piece Of Mind - Sun and Steel
Powerslave - Losfer words
Somewhere In Time - Heaven Can Wait
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Only the Good Die Young
No Prayer For The Dying - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
Fear Of The Dark - Weekend Warrior
The X Factor - The Aftermath
Virtual XI - The Angel and the Gambler
Brave New World - Dream of Mirrors
Dance Of Death - Gates of Tomorrow
A Matter Of Life And Death - The Longest Day
The Final Frontier - El Dorado
The Book Of Souls - Shadows of the valley
Senjutsu - Death of the Celts
Not worst just least favorite songs from each album.

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Killers - Drifter
The Number of the Beast - 22 Acacia Avenue
Piece of Mind - Quest for Fire
Powerslave - Losfer Words
Somewhere in Time - Heaven Can Wait
Seventh Son of Seventh Son - Can I play with Madness
No Prayer for the Dying - Holy Smoke
Fear of the Dark - Weekend Warrior
The X-Factor - 2 AM
Virtual XI - Angel and the Gambler
Brave New World - The Thin Line between Love and Hate
Dance of Death - Age of Innocence
A Matter of Life and Death - Different World
Final Frontier - When the Wild Wind Blows
The Book of Souls - The Red and the Black
Senjutsu - Lost in A Lost World
IM - Running Free
Killers - Wrathchild
TNOTB - Gangland
POM - Quest For Fire
Powerslave-...?...?!...gun...click...uuhh...title track :S
SIT - Deja Vu
SSOASS - The Prophecy
NPFTD - Holy Smoke
FOTD - Weekend Warrior
VXI - The Educated Fool
BNW - Out Of The Silent Planet
DOD - Rainmaker
AMOLAD - Different World
TFF - The Man Who Would Be King
BOS - The Man Of Sorrows
Senjutsu - Lost In A Lost World


Educated Fool
The ides of march
Sun and steel
Lofser words
The loneliness of a long distance runner
The prophecy
The assasin
Wasting love
Look for the truth
The educated fool
The fallen angel
Gates of tomorrow
The longest day
Satelitte 15
Shadows of the valley
Lost in a lost world