Worst Iron Maiden Song

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From your post + signature Perun, the first thing to come into my mind was:

"Don't you think I'm a stranger, don't you think I can save ya..."

(Yes, I am aware the correct lyric is not stranger :p)
I don't understand why "Call Me Maybe" is such a popular phenomenon.
To me, the chorus sounds like it would be a great pre-chorus... but then it leads to no payoff.
The bridge in the middle of the song possibly could've been structured to act as a chorus.

Then again, I never understood the appeal of "The Safety Dance"...
so what the heck do I know? :turd:

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I love the verse melody for "Call Me Maybe." I don't think the chorus is all that catchy myself.

The music video probably plays a huge part. It's pretty brilliant.


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I've barely heard the song at all. Maybe a portion of the chorus in a mall or something

Yet that portion gets stuck in my head all the time, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I suppose that's what it is.


I've listened to every song so much, that they all sound good to me and/or grown on me. Though I can remember absolutely disliking The Evil That Men Do, way back when; now it is one of my favorites. Funny how time and repetition can alter one's opinion on certain songs. If I really had to choose the worst Iron Maiden song, at the moment, it would probably be The Assassin. It's not a bad song, in fact it could be an awesome song, but the chorus is so lazy.


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I can't get past hearing Bruce being all sentimental about aviation, I'm afraid, it makes me cringe

It's the opposite for me, it's incredibly touching when he speak about the plane and its engine like if it was a living thing..

Oh and by the way, that was a faulty 'like' I wanted to press reply :p


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I remember Coming Home was (and still is?) loved by many when it came out but I've always thought it was too much hallelujah. Praise the Lord...!

Love the solos though! Worst on TFF for me is The Talisman.


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I don't need mushrooms :devil2:

And hey, if you find a note you like, why not repeat it in every line?