Wolfsbane Demos


Hi any ideas where i can get hold of any wolfsbane demos ,i know they were only on tape but somebody must have put them on mp3, keepin a look out on ebay/amazon but no look as yet .



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I have one of their demos on tape - Wasted but Dangerous. I got it yonks ago at a gig they did locally.

It was going to be put on the "Global Hard Drive" that never took off, but as it did not and as I'm not sure how the forum rules stand on the trading of these cassettes if I was to convert to MP3 (or Flac), I'll keep it on my laptop. I mean, would they be classed as a boot?


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Travis_AKA_fonzbear2000 said:
Unless the band officially released them, I would think they would be classified as boots.
The one I have was a self-financed release. If it is classed as a boot, I'd happily share it here. ;)


I have the first Wolfsbane demo (1985), but did not manage to transfer the songs to PC yet.


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Official release, I would say. A self-financed release is still a release.

Official release that isn't in print / sales any more. That means that Wolfsbane won't lose profit if someone shares it here.
Simple as that...if someone want's to buy it through official channels, he can't. So i vote for open free downloading.

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Sorry, you can't directly link to downloadable files from our forum...

...but you can post the stuff on youtube (or similar) and then post the links here. As long as a user can't (easily) download the file, we're good.

If people find a way to get the files off youtube, that's not our problem. But don't help: posting a youtube link plus "here's how to get the file" is no different from a download link, and will get you banned just as fast.

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I believe bootlegs are the only exception to that since I have posted downloadable links to them on megaupload.


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Actually, when you think about it, to post links to this "cassette" in a digital format is no different to posting links to MP3/Flac versions of the "Soundhouse Tapes". With that in mind and as I don't actually have a Youtube account (or equivalent), there is little I can do to help those that want this.


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can't you email it to someone with a youtube account?


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you should just do that then. Or even get a youtube account.