will the next greatest hits tour be a remake Donnington '92?

it'd be great to hear Be Quick Or Be Dead, From Here To Eternity and so on, and maybe Bring Your Daughter in the encore. how 'bout a set like:

-be quick
-Public Enema #1
-die with your boots on
-From Here To eternity
-22 acacia avenue
-can i play with madness
-Wasting Love
-Holy Smoke
-No Prayer
-The evil that men do
-Afraid to shoot strangers
-Fear of the dark
-The trooper
-Iron Maiden
-number of the beast
-bring your daughter


Be Quick or be Dead
Childhoods End
Still Life
No prayer for the Dying
The Fugitive
Infinite Dreams
Run Silent Run Deep
Children of the Damned
Only the Good die Young
Wasting Love
Public Enema no 1
Judas be my Guide
Iron Maiden

Fear of the Dark
From here to Eternity
Alexander the Great