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Which songs should be played live?

Discussion in 'The Final Frontier' started by Lampwick 43, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Lampwick 43

    Lampwick 43 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

    Seeing as many people have listened to the album now I thought this would be a good idea for a thread. I personally haven't had the chance to listen to it all yet, I've been pretty busy today.

    Anyways, what songs off of the Final Frontier do you think would sound the best live?  I doubt they will go the AMOLAD route again, but you never know.  This can range between what songs should be played live, and what songs probably will be played live. Right now I believe El Dorado and Final Frontier are pretty much guaranteed, along with Coming Home and When the Wild Wind Blows. I will post some more after I have a better chance to listen to it more.
  2. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    Mother of Mercy
    Coming Home
    When the Wild Wind Blows
  3. mozzle

    mozzle Trooper

    The Final Frontier
    El Dorado
    Mother of Mercy
    Coming Home
    The Alchemist
    Isle of Avalon

    These are the songs I think will be played live, not necessarily the songs i think should be played live.
  4. Cap Maronis

    Cap Maronis Trooper

    The Alchemist. It's a short hard rocking song that all fan camps of Iron Maiden can get behind.
    El Dorado's already been played, and generally that's an indicator that it probably will stick around for a bit, so why not.
    The Final Frontier. Come on, how are you going to have an intro like Satellite 15 and not use it to start your show?
    Isle of Avalon, best song in years, so they better play it.

    And I'd like the Talisman as well, but I dunno if it's as necessary as the other 4.
  5. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

  6. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    I'll be happy if Bruce's choices end up being the Forrealz choices. The Talisman's also one of my favourites.
  7. p4warrior

    p4warrior Trooper

    Coming HOME
  8. Cap Maronis

    Cap Maronis Trooper

    Y'know I'm kinda worried that amidst all these great new epics, we're going to lose a couple that aren't fear of the dark from the rotation (seriously guys, love Fear of the Dark, but it's not Hallowed. You don't have to play it EVERY show) forever, and I don't want that to happen to Paschendale!
  9. Suicidehummer

    Suicidehummer Trooper

    If they play WTWWB and nothing else, I would be more than content. Coming Home and MOM would just be icing on the cake.
  10. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    Paschendale's already been dropped.

    And Fear of the Dark is DIFFERENT live. Like when you actually see it, you just stop complaining about it being overplayed. I hated it until I saw it live. They can keep it. I won't die if they drop it, but I understand why it's played so much.
  11. Lampwick 43

    Lampwick 43 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

    After a full listen I mostly agree with Bruce.

    Final Frontier, El Dorado - Obvious
    Coming Home - Good ballad with the potential for crowd participation in the chorus.
    The Alchemist - A straightforward rocker that I believe has a very good chance of being played live. (An addition to Bruce's list)
    The Talisman - Awesome song that may sound even better live.
    Where the Wild Wind Blows - The band usually plays the album ending epic. This is the song I am most uncertain of, as I can see it being replaced with TMWWBK or Starblind. I don't think that more than 6 songs off this album will be played.

    We also have to keep in mind that Bruce's opinion isn't necessarily final. Adrian and Steve might have a different idea  :lol:
  12. owa

    owa Invader

    El Dorado
    Coming Home
    The Alchemist

    From time to time take out El Dorado and replace with The Talisman and maybe remove WTWWB in replace of TMWWBK from time to time.

    There's a lot of good stuff on here, but it's unfortunate the tracks are so long because it means you get less of them in a live show hahaha.
  13. Cap Maronis

    Cap Maronis Trooper

    :( @ the spoiler.

    I LOVE Fear of the Dark. Don't get me wrong, but as great of a song as it is, it's not Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast, or Hallowed. They don't need to play it every time (I've seen them every time they've come by since 2003, and well, guess how many times I've seen FotD)
  14. rudolf1978

    rudolf1978 Invader

    No The alchemist? i think its a very good song.
  15. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    I would be sad, but I was one of the few that saw it before it got dropped. :D

    Hmm I understand. It gets tiresome.
  16. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    I, for one, wouldn't give a shit if I never heard Number of the Beast live ever again.
  17. Cap Maronis

    Cap Maronis Trooper

    I actually agree with you, same with run to the hills.

    For me those songs are classics, and I love me some maiden, but there's nothing wrong with keeping Hallowed and Iron Maiden and rotating between songs like the trooper, number of the beast, run to the hills, wrathchild, and switching it up with songs that were hits and singles at a point, like Flight of Icarus, Wasted Years, The Evil that Men Do, etc. (Yes I know a few of these have been revived for a tour or so, but there's nothing wrong in keeping the hits in flux, as long as you play a couple of them the smug "hits only" crowd will be satisfied)
  18. dhmaiden

    dhmaiden Invader

    Since we know they're going to play The Final Frontier and El Dorado for sure next year then I would say Mother Of Mercy, Coming Home, The Alchemist, The Talisman and The Man Who Would Be King.
  19. Stan

    Stan Nomad

    I would like to hear Satellite 15 open the show, Final Frontier, Coming Home, The Alchemist, Talisman, WTWWB. These will be great to hear live.[hr][/hr]
    And so I praise you, buddy. My feelings exactly.
  20. bearfan

    bearfan Ancient Mariner

    I would not be opposed to a set list of

    this album
    Iron maiden

    Pick 2 or 3 more.

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