Which Maiden songs we should consider as a ballads/power ballads ?


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[No ballad]

:nonono: This thread is for Maiden ballads @Magnus !
I don't know how old you are but there used to be "slows" that were played in clubs. It is even widely believed that "Still Loving You" had a direct influence on the rise of births in France circa 1985. :)

Well, you can dance on whatever song on whatever genre you want, but specifically the Maiden ballads are not so much for dance, except maybe Dance Of Death :p

But yeah, you can surely dance on the Scorpions ballads. :)
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It is also for prancing! :)


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I have a little hope that Maiden will release the original version of CIPWM, the so called ballad: On The Wings Of Eagles. - fantastic title for a song. I think it was an idea by Adrian for this ballad, but then Bruce changed the title and the rest is history.... it would have been cool to had a ballad on the SSOASS album.

Though some fans do not like CIPWM, because of the more commercial sound/vibe of it, but it was a real success for Maiden, hitting the top 3 UK Singles Chart !

If Adrian can remember this ballad, maybe for a future B-side release it is not so impossible... for the next single B-side it will be the perfect surprise. :blush:
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the 2nd haf of Phantom of the Opera, Prodigal Son, Revelations, Blood Brothers, Out of the Shadows and the Man of Sorrows, are the main ones I can think of


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Oh, forgot about Journeyman and WL.

But, that said, Journeyman isn't a power ballad.

Yeah, it's questionable in Journeyman, because it is a kind of a ''ballad'' that only Maiden can create.

Wasting Love is a (metal) power ballad.


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Coming Home is their best "ballad" for sure. I'm not sure how a ballad is defined though.