Which Iron Maiden frontman would you like to drink and chat with for an hour?

Which Iron Maiden frontman would you like to drink and chat with for an hour?

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Diesel 11

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I'm gonna take this seriously and vote for Blaze. I'd love to meet Bruce and Steve, but I feel that the discussions would mostly revolve over how and why they did certain things (I'm genuinely interested in hearing how The Apparition came to be). Blaze however, strikes me as the kind of guy you could just sit down next to and have a laugh and a good chat with.


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I wouldn't want to have a chat with any of them. I've been in a scenario where I could have spoke with Dave Murray on one ocassion and Janick on two ocassions, but didn't bother. Simply from the position that what interest do Dave Murray or Janick Gers have in talking about fanboy guff with some nobody in their spare time?


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Steve isn't a frontman :p , I doubt you'd get the real Bruce, only a stage character, so I'd say Blaze.


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Adrian seems like a kind of shy, private guy. Same with Steve. Bruce is a bit too crazy. So is Nicko. Dave is... Dave. So that leaves Janick. He seems like the most normal of the bunch.

Niall Kielt

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I tried to stalk Maiden to their hotel one time.
It was a fine summers night in Belfast, if you believe in such things. Maiden had just rocked me on The Final Frontier World Tour. I then found myself at an after party night in a bar, they were showin various live stuff on the big screens and it was good. I got chattin to a promoter type chap (apparently) and he suggested that the band were stayin in a hotel close by. So the plan was hatched to go find them. The crack unit consisted of my girlfriend, some random chap and self.
We made it to the hotel and with no small amount of difficulty and sweet/shit talk, we gained the first floor bar. Random Chap and I went one way and my gf went another. My unit went right up to the top floor and found ourselves on a plush corridor with only a few doors. Just then a well heeled lookin gent exited a room and gave us quite the look. He refrained from saying anything and our hearts promptly decended from our mouths to where they belonged.
All was quiet. We moved on. Soon we were in a large function room with a huge chandelier with one wall floor to ceiling windows. We enjoyed the view for a few minutes before my beloved called and said she heard jovial English voices down in the depths of the hotel. So we decended via the back stairs, slowly, quietly. We reached the bowels of the building and heard the voices, male, English accents. We crept down the cold corridor and about 10 yards from a large, unit opening a thought occured to me. Well, more a question; what the fuck am I doing?
What would I say? Why would they have any interest in 2 drunken fans gatecrashing their post gig chat? They wouldn't. So, I pulled the plug. We ascended, found my gf in the foyer being accosted by the hotel manager. We were told to leave. We did so without a fuss but in high spirits.
In the fresh night air I came to thinking, why the fuck would Iron Maiden be lounging in the belly of hotel?
If it was anyone, it may of been the crew, the band safely holed up in a much fancier hotel.
I'm glad we didn't find out. I shall never engage in such stalkery again. Still, it was a fine adventure. And the Random Chap was never seen again.

Id pick Steve. We would talk football and Jethro Tull and never mention the day jobs. Or politics.