Where to Buy Iron Maiden Paintings



I need your help. I am trying to buy a present for my boyfriends, a huge maiden fan, and I wanted to get him a painting of an iron maiden cover. I remember a while back seeing him looking at a website that had iron maiden paintings, along with paintings of other metal/rock band's cover art. Does anyone know of this site, or a site like it? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure what you mean by "paintings" ... posters? flags? something else?

Start with ebay. Once you figure out exactly what you want, google it.

I've bought 8 Maiden flags from ebay for about $10 each, that sounds like the kind of thing you may be looking for.


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ebay might be a good way to start searching, but beware of fakes and unofficial stuff.
Some ppl try to rip off fans who don't know what they are buying...