Where is a good place to sell vinyl

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Hello good people. I've decided I am no longer a record collector and to sell off all my Iron Maiden vinyl. Can anyone recommend the best place to sell it and how I would even start getting a rough value for it?
... Cue 10 fans noticing this, flooding the market and the pricing to plummet.

Are these prices for real!?
I've got this signed :eek:
If you have an account there you can see the population reports, which are a little more useful than seeing what is for sale. You can see how often it selling, price trends, etc. Here are the recent sales for the virus press:

P.S. if you do list stuff on discogs be sure to link your store here. I’m sure there are forum members who would be interested!
One more thing, I would also recommend the website popsike.com for evaluating the value, especially for some of the rarer pieces. It aggregates sales on all sites, not just discogs, and provides more detailed info about the sales.