When The River Runs Deep

How good is When the River Runs Deep on a scale of 1-10?

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Don't remember much of it apart from the following: this song suffers a bit from not so great vocals/ vocal lines. Didn't like the singing that much. Same goes for The Great Unknown. One of the three / four least good songs. It features a Janick solo which makes the album unique because it has more than one Smith co-written song with Janick soloing.
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I don't think Foro is asking us to adopt his judgement. But these are certainly the most informative things I've read about these songs so far. :ok:
Yep. We didn't get a song list with such comments on it. ;)
Well, Rod is loosing his edge. He should give you "best opinions that you can write about BoS and why" book. :D

Thanks for your opinions, Perun said everything that I would.
There's an old saying in classical music, about Beethoven's symphonies: his 4th is "a slender Greek maiden between two Norse gods", undeservedly ignored because the 3rd and 5th are so epic. This song is going to wind up the same way. It's a great song, but it's sandwiched between two significantly impressive epics.
I thought Death or Glory would be the weakest, but no it's definitely this. The song itself is quite strong, but it's sandwiched between two epics, therefore when I listened to it, I got a little bored. The chorus is very strong though. The song has a Man on the Edge feel to it. 7/10
This one sounds more Gers than Smith.
It almost feels like the credits got flipped with Shadows.
This being a quite simple and "short" rocker, I find it much needed between two epics. Good dynamics, breath of fresh air!! ..and will be great on the highway in my car!!
That switch from fast paced to a sludgy chorus is pretty sweet. Definitely an awesome track in my opinion.
I actually think this is one of the better songs on the album. Collin kind of touched on it, but it is sandwiched between two of the best songs on the album--which may cause people just to skip it so they can listen to The Book of Souls. Very catchy lyrics. I'd give it a solid B+.
This is a brilliant song! Maiden rarely make full throttle barnstormers these days, and whilst the frantic pace isn't kept up throughout the song, the slower chorus is a grower, and H's hypnotic solo elevates the song to higher plateau. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the songs on the album that is overlooked, due to the prescence of some powerful epic numbers on the album, but that would be a shame, as it is a great little cooker of a song!
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For me, this is the weakest song on the album with a lack of powerful singing parts from Bruce. It has a No Prayer/Fear OT Dark vibe to it. I still enjoy enjoy though.
The chorus is probably the most disgusting thing about the album. Especially after following such an awesome verse (and repeated twice). And no bridge, nothing to back it up.
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