What's your favourite post reunion album and why? #2

What's your favourite post reunion album and why?

  • Brave New World

    Votes: 34 29.1%
  • Dance of Death

    Votes: 11 9.4%
  • A Matter of Life and Death

    Votes: 38 32.5%
  • The Final Frontier

    Votes: 9 7.7%
  • Book of Souls

    Votes: 25 21.4%

  • Total voters


Ancient Mariner
For me it's A Matter of Life and Death. It might not be packed with hits like SSOASS, but I regard it as the most solid Iron Maiden album. It was logical for the band to play the whole thing on tour considering how good the songs are. The Stockholm bootleg should been released as A Matter of Life and Death Live a long time ago, instead of releasing live albums including a few songs from the latest album while overfeaturing the old ones.


Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
Brave New World

One of Maidens best sounding albums IMO, crisp, fresh, bombastic, inspired. 3 tunes would make my Top 20, if such a thing existed and at least one would make my Top 10; Brave New World, Blood Brothers & Thin Line. The only tune I don't really like is The Nomad and even that has some totally amazing, stolen music in there. There are some unique/unusual (for Maiden) atmospheric moments on here which I love eg. end of Thin Line, Beckett bit of Nomad, BB. Plus, I thought The Fallen Angel was the heaviest groove they had ever done when it came out. The final chorus/instrumental/outro of Thin Line blows my mind, euphoric and it has a kind of nostalgic feel to it that just sweeps me away. And the triple lead bit before the final chorus of BNW is cracking.
AMOLAD would come in second but I listen to it much less often as, like many here, I feel it is better served when listened to in one go whereas BNW is more accessible and the songs can appreciated quite well in 'shuffle' mode. Not that this 'accessibility' makes BNW any better, I'm just making the point.
Over recent times (last 6 months, say) DOD has gone up in my estimation, TFF has gone down but this question has made me realise that I still a not sure about TBOS. I haven't listened to it start to finish too often. Chances are it would land in the middle.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The Book of Souls

Each post reunion album has been consistently better than the previous one, and with TBOS I feel Maiden have finally arrived back at the very top. Songs like Empire of the Clouds and TRATB among others are some of the band's best, ever. Amazing stuff.


Each post reunion album has been consistently better than the previous one,

This was always how I felt, until The Book Of Souls. I actually don't think they improved with TFF over AMOLAD, but I didn't feel like they took a step back.

As far as voting goes, I may concede that AMOLAD is the standard bearer of the Reunion Era, but my favorite is TFF.


Messiah Supreme. True Leader of Men.
Dance of Death is my favorite. Followed by AMOLAD close behind...

DOD just rocks. Songs like PFD DOD FITS rainmaker, are some of Maidens best ever, from any era.


As I'm coming back to Maiden right now from a couple of years of not listening to them much at all (I listened to them so much I sort of had a Maiden-burnout after 2012-13), I find I most often turn to The Final Frontier. A Matter of Life and Death used to be my favourite for a very long time though.


Educated Fool
BNW by a country mile. It's a nice mix. There's energy, proggy moments, good production, short songs, longer songs, medium length songs, cool album cover etc...


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Book of Souls!

A year and a half and I still regularly listen to it. I consider it #2 in my album rankings. There's not even a bad song on it.


Prince of the Final Frontier
Matter but BOS is close. If you take all of disc one and Empire its a stone cold classic. Otherwise it sits just below TFF, which I find really strong despite the final 2 cuts.


BNW followed closely by DOD with TBOS rounding out my top 3.
The other two are 'meh' for me. There are some good songs on both but none are memorable for me.
And I never have the urge to put either in the CD player.

BNW has it all. Lots of great songs, one of their most solid releases to date. In my book it tops a lot of the 'classic' albums. It has a great range of material. Fast, slow, heavy, chill, etc. It also really highlights the 3 guitars without getting progy.
And it has my 3rd favorite Maiden tune - Dream of Mirrors
I still love playing this one, and feel compelled to hear it fairly often.

DOD is a great rocker, with a few mellower tracks for balance. I equate it to TNOB
With lots of great tunes that I want to hear regularly.


Educated Fool
Funny, to me AMoLaD is the least of the reunion albums. It's too mid-tempo and gray, grim, and lacks the fantastical and sci-fi elements that make for great Maiden songs. Plus the production is so muddy. It's by far the worst sounding Maiden album. Bruce's vocals are lost in the mix in a lot of songs.

I love TFF for all the prog and experimental elements. TFF and DoD are my favorites.


Educated Fool
Without question, BNW. It would have been a great 'final' album.

I've enjoyed moments on the others, but none of em flow as well as that one for me anyway, classic songs, great musical passages and solos..

AMOLAD..not a big fan. It's decent, Longest Day is great.

DOD has the weakest songs IMO. Besides maybe Passchendaele the songs just aren't that exciting.

FF I was shocked how dismal this one seemed for a long time, I thought it was worse than the Blaze albums for a while, it's grown on me a bit more recently.

TBOS has great moments, I find it hard to digest in one listen.
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Ancient Mariner
AMOLAD is the most consistent of them, it's lowest point is higher than the lowest point on the other albums.

Overall, they all cut the muster though.

BNW is my weakest, the weaker songs are the weakest from the period, although saying that the stronger songs are very strong.

DOD, suffers from being too compressed and also the running order is odd, but I dig the songs. The Final Frontier suffers from the first three tracks being not that great but when it kicks in after that the standard is excellent.

The Book of Souls is flawless.



Overall, I think they are 5 rrañly strong albums that match any 5 album stretch you want to face them against. Incluiding NOTB to SSOASS.