What's Your Favourite Adrian Solo?


Educated Fool
Yeah Stranger is fucking fantastic

Cant say just one. And its hard ranking them, but 5 of my favorites are these

Caught Somwhere in Time
Writing on the Wall


Ancient Mariner

Prodigal Son (one of H's favorite Maiden songs)
Quest For Fire
The Evil That Men Do
Stranger In A Strange Land
Caught Somewhere In Time
Singing The Blues (by The Untouchables! Both solos! Wonderful!)
The Ides Of March
The Duellists
Innocent Exile
Underground (from Welcome To The World, by Psycho Motel: just one of Adrian's most beautiful compositions!)
Face In The Sand
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Out of the Silent Planet
Adrian's solos are always great. I can't pick just one. Maybe Wasted Years.

Some of my other favorites are:

Alexander The Great
Caught Somewhere In Time
Wasted Years
Sea Of Madness
Stranger In A Strange Land
Aces High
Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Prisoner
Wildest Dreams
No More Lies
Different World
The Final Frontier
When The River Runs Deep
Tears Of A Clown
Empire Of The Clouds
Senjutsu (2nd solo)
The Writing On The Wall
Darkest Hour
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Last Son of The Miracle
The Book of Souls, Caught Somewhere in Time and Stranger for Maiden, for non-Maiden it's Man of Sorrows and Road to Hell.


Ancient Mariner
Adrian's solos are always great. I can't pick just one.
This is my answer. I know he has so many great solos, but I can’t pick a few from the top of my head right now. Need to re-listen some albums first, especially those after he came back.


Ancient Marinade
The ripping solo after the break in Seventh Son is, to me, not only Adrian’s best solo, but probably my favorite solo break from the band ever.

That IS Adrian’s right?

Edit: NOPE, it’s Dave’s! I’m watching the Maiden England DVD right now and watching him play it. I’m such a FOOL!

In that case, Adrian’s constant noodling in Starblind is my favorite. That’s still my favorite Iron Maiden song ever.


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Good call. I think he's still growing as a guitarist. I loved what he did in Writing, and Darkest Hour.

A few times on this album I've struggled to work out which guitarist was playing, because it sounded like Adrian, but it felt like he was throwing in a few Dave hallmarks.