Vintage Eddie Christmas Cards

Here are some classic and vintage Eddie Christmas cards from both the 80's and 90's. Remember these are just low resolution previews/samples, so if you want any of them for yourself, a loved one or a friend pm me.



Years Wasted
I have no idea, but it's good.
If memory serves well this was the 2000 xmas card. The odds with Bill Gates was because the internet was taking over the world and therefore Windows (explorer - Bill Gates) was the almighty power behind it... And Eddie wasn't keen to having his power over the world taken :)


Ancient Mariner
I have that Bill Gates christmas card and a bunch of others from around mid 90s to 2000. Also I believe the text to go with the image was "No, you can't have it all Bill..."


Ancient Mariner
I think it was specifically that year because Windows 98 came out.

The Cinderella one came free with the Run to the Hills live single.