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J'attaque avec le bootleg du show du 06-06-07 à Ostrava (République Tchèque).
C'est disponible en lossless sur Dime.
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Iron Maiden - Ostrava Czech Republic 20070606 alt. source (AUD)

"" said:
Iron Maiden Ostrava 2007 alt. source

City - Ostrava
Venue - Stadion Bazaly
Country - Czech Republic
Date - June 06 2007
Taper - Zdeno
Time - 67:37 / 29:17

Lineage: Trade>CDR>Flac
Equipment unknown
Soundquality: Rated to 8 of 10


Cd 1:

01. Intro / Different World (4:56)
02. These Colours Don't Run (6:49)
03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (8:53)
04. Wrathchild (3:04)
05. The Trooper (5:12)
06. Children Of The Damned (4:41)
07. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (7:52)
08. For The Greater Good Of God (9:14)
09. The Number Of The Beast (5:20)
10. Fear Of The Dark (7:29)
11. Run To The Hills (4:01)

Cd 2:

01. Iron Maiden (8:25)
02. 2 Minutes To Midnight (5:52)
03. The Evil That Men Do (4:24)
04. Hallowed Be Thy Name (10:34)
Orginally shared on Iron Maiden Norway
No coverart.


    Salut,je suppose qu'un DVD correspondant va sortir.Si "somebody in time" a l'info,qu'il veuille bien confirmer.
A plus tard,


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Depuis quelques heures sur dime:
1988-05-08 New York City, Club L'Amour, New York, US NTSC DVD
Il s'agit du concert "secret" donné sous le nom 'Charlotte And Harlots' en guise d'échaufement avant la tournée Seventh Son!!!

The Evil That Men Do
The Prisoner
Infinite Dreams
The Trooper
Can I Play With Madness?
Heaven Can Wait
Wasted Years
The Clairvoyant
Bruce Dickinson MTV Interview 1988



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Actuellement sur dime

1981-12-23 London, The Ruskin Arms P.H., England, UK
AUD, 8, 83:56

CD 1
Run To The Hills
Remember Tomorrow
Genghis Khan
Another Life
The Prisioner

CD 2
Running Free
Murders In The Rue Morgue
Phantom Of The Opera
Iron Maiden
Guitars' soundcheck
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Phantom Of The Opera + Steve on the bass


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Actuellement sur tapecity l'excellent bootlegs d' Ipswich 1983...(pour ceux qui ne l'ont pas déjà :innocent:)


Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich, England - May 8, 1983


Maiden Ipswich Silver CD>?>SHN>dBPowerAmp Music Converter>WAV>dBPowerAmp Music Converter>FLAC
01. Intro
02. Where Eagles Dare
03. Wrathchild
04. The Trooper
05. Revelations
06. Flight Of Icarus
07. Die With Your Boots On
08. 22 Acacia Avenue
09. The Number Of The Beast
10. Still Life
11. To Tame A Land
12. Guitar Solo
13. Drum Solo
14. Phantom Of The Opera
01. Hallowed Be Thy Name
02. Iron Maiden
03. Run To The Hills
04. Sanctuary
05. Drifter
06. Prowler


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La vie de Janick avec Maiden c'était (entre autre) avec Ian Gillan  :notworthy:
Il y a depuis peu un excellent boot de Janick avec le maître (datant de 82) en partage sur dime

Gillan 1982-05-0 BBC Friday Rock Show Sessions (FM)
Recorded Kingsway Studios 1982-04-23
Produced by Tony Wilson
Engineer : Dave Dade

First broadcast 1982-05-07

01 Vengeance
02 Mutually Assured Destruction
03 Hadely Bop Bop
04 Born To Kill
05 No Laughing In Heaven

Ian Gillan - Vocals
Janick Gers - Guitar
John McCoy - Bass
Mick Underwood - Drums
Colin Towns - Keyboards

C'est ici


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En ce moment sur dime, le concert du 7 décembre 98 (avec Blaze, donc):

Iron Maiden
Skol Rock Festival
(Curitiba, Brazil)
MTV Brazil

VHS 1ST Gen -> LG DR175B -> PC (Menu authoring)

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Display Mode: Only Pan&scan
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 5.39Mbps

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 without extension bitstream
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not specified
Number of Audio channels: 2
Bitrate: 384 Kbps
Number of Audio streams: 1


01- Futureal
02- The Angel and the Gambler
03- Man On the Edge
04- Lightning Strikes Twices
05- Heaven can Wait
06- The Clansman
07- When Two Words Colide
08- 2 Minutes to Midnight
09- Sign Of The Cross
10- Afraid To Shoot Strangers
11- Hallowed Be Thy Name
12- The Evil That Man Do
13- Fear Of Ther Dark
14- Iron Maiden
15- The Nº Of The Beast
16- The Trooper
17- Sanctuary

http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=174559



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Sur TapeCity, cet excellent enregistrement du 24 mai 81 avec Paulo au Sunplaza de Tokyo...
Le son est très bon (FM) et le concert très bien... (suffit de jeter un oeil à la setlist) :wub:


Iron Maiden - Live Killers - Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan, 24 May 1981

01, Radio Intro.
02, Wrathchild
03, Purgatory
04, Sanctuary
05, Remeber Tomorrow
06, Another Life
07, Clive Burr Drum Solo / Another Life(Return)
08, Member Introduction
09, Genghis Khan
10, Killers
11, Innocent Exile
12, Twilight Zone
13, Strange World
14, Murders In The Rue Morgue
15, Phantom Of The Opera
16, Iron Maiden
    - Encore -
17, Running Free
18, Transylvania
19, Dave Murray Guitar Solo
20, Drifter
21, Radio Outro.
22, Prowler


Paul Dianno (Vo)
Dave Murray (G)
Adrian Smith (G)
Steve Harris (B,Vo)
Clive Burr (Dr)


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Voici un enregistrement de Marillion intéressant pour les fans d'Iron Maiden car Bruce et Nicko apparaissent dans ce concert de charité.

After a lot of interest here is a re-seed of the FM Broadcast of Marillion with some friends, Bruce Dickinson and Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden included, that was upped on Dime here a couple of years ago. What was broadcast was not the full show, but this is the full broadcast.

Thanks to the excellent Wicko for the original recording and upload.

Marillion - 05.11.1987 - Wembley Arena, London, England. Charity Gig, FM Broadcast.

01 - Slainte Mhath
02 - Fugazi
03 - Hotel Hobbies - Warm Wet Circles - That Time Of The Night
04 - Misplaced Childhood side 1
05 - The Boys Are Back In Town
06 - With A Little Help From My Friends

Source: FM Recording

Le torrent se trouve sur dimeadozen....
http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=184594


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Acer Arena Sydney, Australia (second night)
http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=186187

Iron Maiden - TV - Jornal Globo - 29/02/2008 (TV Brésil)
http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=186034

http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=185454

Iron Maiden (Adrian Smith) - 2008-02-23 Interview, Sangriento, Reactor 105.7 F.M.
ARTIST..............: Iron Maiden (Adrian Smith)
AIR DATE............: Febrero 23rd, 2008
RADIO SHOW..........: Sangriento
LOCATION............: Hotel Sheraton Maria Isabel, México, D.F.
GENRE...............: Speech
LABEL...............: Sanctuary Records Group
F.M. BROADCAST BAND.: Reactor 105.7 (MEX)
AUDIO FORMAT........: Free Lossless Audio Codec
AUDIO BITRATE.......: 44.1Khz 2-Channels Stereo Level 6 VBR
RECORDED BY.........: LEDRod Audio Recorder®
SOURCE..............: F.M. Broadcasting
LANGUAGE............: English
PLAYBACK............: Playable On Winamp Media Player (Need Codecs)
PLAY TIME...........: 19:05
RELEASE SIZE........: 145 MB
MORE INFO...........: http://www.myspace.com/ironmaiden
RADIO STATION WEB...: http://www.reactor.imer.com.mx/
http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=185170