Unique and Rare Iron Maiden T Shirt for sale, impossible to buy anywhere else!



I recently worked at Sonisphere Festival in Donnington Park - UK.

I managed to somehow get shifts for the backstage bar and was lucky enough to get to meet loads of artists, press and bands families etc.

While working I was meant to wear a Trooper Beer T-shirt: and it's unbelievable the amount of people that expressed interest in buying my t shirt.


Color - Red

Front - Trooper beer logo

Back - TROOPER (In Iron Maiden font) "Sonisphere Festival Beer Krew 2014"

I will upload a picture in the morning as it is currently in the wash.

I don't know if anyone will show interest or point me in the right direction in finding hardcore Maiden fans who are looking in owning a UNIQUE and ORIGINAL Iron Maiden Tshirt.

If you are interested please feel free to email me at George.Keevill@googlemail.com and we can sort something out! I'm posting the details to this sale all over the net and it will be highest bid wins!

Good luck !

Up the Irons!


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i know this is a crazy old post but i cant start a new thread.hi i have a ultra rare iron maiden top i want to sell its from a best of the beast signing session 20 years ago there was only 200 made and mine is unworn and unwashed its been packed in a box since i got it iv never seen another one can you help?