Tribute? Or ripoff? You decide!


Here I am at the office, looking for some way to listen to Book of Souls online at work (haven't yet received my vinyl nor the deluxe CD which I additionally ordered by accident), and bumped into this:

Go ahead and play the first track in the list, the one named simply "Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls". It won't be The Book of Souls. But it will sound very familiar to your ears. Go ahead and play it then come back to read what's in the spoiler tag!

What is this? Is this some rarity off of Bruce's solo career? An outtake from Fear of the Dark? How did it come to be that I have missed an Iron Maiden song?!?

These are some of the thoughts which passed through my head as I listened to this Maideny song. Anxiously, I googled the lyrics I could figure out. It led me to the same track on YouTube.

Spoilerception! Below there is another spoiler tag! Make sure you check that YouTube page out before stepping in deeper.
Whale oil beef hooked. This is not Iron Maiden! But-, but-, it's Bruce singing! A-a-and, and, and it's Nicko drumming! And what is this? This has to be the great H on guitars right? And Janick jamming along?

No! Turns out, a couple of guys from Portugal who go by the name Attick Demons have copied literally everything about Maiden's technique, sound and production. I wonder if they underwent plastic surgery to look like them too.

We could all be Mr. Nice Guys and give them credit as if this is a very professional and well produced tribute... however, the almost absolute resemblance in sound, production technique, playing technique, song writing, structure and substance, and (remarkably) even the singer's singing style (and voice!) is near complete (maybe the bass player has anything original going for him)--to the obvious point of sounding inexcusably unoriginal.

That's my personal opinion. Would love to hear yours! Tribute? Or ripoff? You decide!
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I hate that band. Not beacuse they suck *or maybe?* but now they are Rick Roll of Maiden fans.
Ugh, not Attick Demons again. They sounds like every other Mediterranean power metal band, the only difference is that their singer sounds a bit like Bruce. However, nobody there sounds like Steve, Dave, Adrian, Janick or Nicko.
Attick Demons again, eh? I assumed they must be fans rather than trying to rip off. I wonder how they've done out of the whole spate of fake leaks recently?
I take them as being big fans rather than a ripoff. Depends n how you look at it I guess. I know if I heard them on the radio while driving or something I wouldn't change the station.