Trading for uncirculated Iron Maiden audio bootlegs

Dr. Demonic

Hello everybody.

A lot of tapers don't share their recordings anymore, for reasons that I can fully understand.
Number one is of course that a taper's precious recording is turned into lossy crap (MP3) and spread around like that all over the place.

So serious collectors like me are always trying to contact the tapers directly.
If you have any uncirculated Maiden audio recordings and are looking for shows that are missing in your collection, please take a look at my trading website:

There is a very good chance that I can help you because I've got a large collection.

No troll nonsense please, I am only dealing with adults and serious trade offers.


Dr. Demonic
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Dityn DJ James

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Wow, that's quite the list on your site. I personally don't have a collection, but I believe a few people on the forum might.


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Hi dr. Demonic,

I am a member of Iron Maiden lossless DC++ bootleg sharing hub. I'll check out if your list contains anything we don't have over there.
We have a no-lossy rule for everything, and minimal sharing requirements. Private trades and private shares can also be arranged.
I'm not a trader per se, I don't do physical trades, only over the net. But it's the same thing because we do lossless, you just burn/print inlay if you wish to make a copy for physical collection.
It´s funny... when I started to collect and trade Iron Maiden shows, like 30 years ago, we traded old fashion cassettetapes. After a while some traders only accepted chrome or metal cassettes. Then came DAT-tapes and DAT-traders only.
After that came Mp3 and many people didn't want "shitty" cassettes, only Mp3 files.
Now it´s lossless, flac and so, and some traders don´t want "shitty" Mp3 haha.
I wonder what will be the next thing...
My collection of Maiden shows are a mix of audiocasettes, vinyls, VHS, DVDs, MP3s and FLACs.
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You completely missed the point, it's not about the next big thing, it's about thing that is currently affordable and can give you the best quality. In the age where a 2TB HDD can be bought for $100, using lossless formats is easy.

After a while metal cassettes weren't 10 times as expensive as normal ones and traders/listeners weren't so keen on loosing quality over price.


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It doesn't.

When I first started collecting music digitally Fraunhoffer released their first MP3 encoder which allowed me to hold a few albums on my drive, in comparison to just a few songs in WAV, which would fill up my 540MB storage device back in the day. By having a healthy pair of ears I know that lossy music really looses quality against lossless (come on, do I really need to say this!), and I've always wanted to storage uncompressed music, which was made possible only in 10 years time.

Bootlegging was always about getting the most quality out of the record. Tapers would buy insanely expensive tape recorders and last thing the 'community' wants to appreciate is someone cutting off quality because of convenience.

Nobody is saying that you aren't allowed to compress them. But in what format? If I give you a lossless FLAC, you can compress it to highest quality MP3, and loose maybe an insignificant amount of quality. What if my device wants AAC? If you traded MP3 with me, I need to recompress again, that's two compression steps on the original and quality goes down the drain. It's called transcoding.

Nothing will come next. PCM wave at 192KHz sampling rate is 'fast' enough and has all the dynamic range that human eyes can hear. Constructing the lossless file out from that wave data is the final thing.


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It's always nice to hope for better technology, but right now I feel that we've come to 'perfectly' describe analog events in digital medium, eg. we aren't loosing anything in translation, at least for music...

On topic : there may be a recent (2013/14) boot on Demonic's list that we lack on DC++ hub, I'm saying because I'm not 100% sure and can't cross reference now. For anything else, we have every Maiden bootleg that surfaced over there.


Hi all.

Does anyone know of any good sharing facilities for IM bootlegs?

I've looked at Maiden-World hub but there no longer seems to be a way of registering for it.

Any help much appreciated