Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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Ancient Mariner
So basically 2 highest scoring solos advance in each group or the other 16 is picked from the 'global chart' after the round is over? I'm trying to make out when does it make sense to vote just for one solo. :p
There are various reasons to either vote for one or for two solos. That's something called tactics. ;) It depends on various circumstances and expectations.

To answer the question: Do the 2 highest scoring solo's per group advance? Not per se. The group winners advance. That leaves 48 other solos in this whole 1B round. From these 48, the highest 16 will also advance, according to the methods I have explained on page 48. If you call that "global chart", then that's it.

Lampwick 43

Barstool Warrior
Strong group right here. I honestly wouldn't be disappointed if 3, or even all 4, of these solos were to advance. That said, my votes go to Judas and Public Enema.