Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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Easily 118 and 011.

Janick's Alchemist is fantastic and his technique in there is some of his best.

Adrian's Prisoner solo is also killer.

Murray's BNW was up for contention with me, but ultimately falls back too hard on the typical Murray improv licks for me to vote. It works in the context of the song, but loses some power when isolated.


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The Prisoner.

The Alchemist solo for me is something like a patchwork quilt. I always listen part of the Out of The Silent Planet solo on it.


Yeaaaaaah! The Alchemist!

From Kevin Shirley's Studio Diary:
Janick came in and redid the solo on The Alchemist. He was much happier than before - the first solo had been much more "in the meter", but this one crossed the rhythms, and he liked the fact that it sounded like he wasn't going to make it, and then did. He felt it sounded more "incendiary!". His phrase.

Couldn't have described it better, super-cool solo.

As for why I don't vote for Adrian's much loved "Prisoner" lead, I have always thought that the lead that goes into the solo proper was much cooler than the actual solo itself. Very stiff playing that never manages to break out of the box. Dave's solo is much better (especially how he ends it!).

Also gonna vote for Dave's "Brav New World"-solo. Maybe not an all time favourite, but one that I definitely prefer over most other solos... Cool tone and some nice legato work by Dave. :ok:


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118! "incendiary" is definitely the right word to describe this amazing solo by Janick!

The prisoner's solo is number 2.


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Alchemist is the best one here. One of Janick's very best.

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The Alchemist as a whole has been growing on me quite a bit lately, and that solo has a lot to do with it. But in the end I had to give the vote to Brave New World. That solo is pure Dave at his finest. This was probably the hardest vote for me so far, and I have a feeling that I might not have the same answer if I had this same question a month from now.