To Tame A Land & Paschendale

Assessment of “To Tame A Land” and “Paschendale”?

  • Both songs are great

  • “To Tame A Land” is great, “Paschendale” is not

  • “Paschendale” is great, “To Tame A Land” is not

  • Neither song is great

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The dotage of a dotard
Testing a theory. Please vote for whichever answer matches your view most closely.


Ancient Mariner
Both of them are f***ing great, because they capture the atmosphere of the place musically and lyrically.
Why to choose? Each one are awesome epic songs with 20 years of difference between them.


The dotage of a dotard
OK, so much for my theory. I was wondering if the vocal line doubling the guitars in these long-form songs was a meaningful factor in perceived quality or not. If so, I would have expected to see votes split mostly between “both great” and “neither great”, but instead they didn’t form much of any pattern other than almost everyone liking at least one of the two.

Thanks for playing.