The X Factor: individual album judgement by yours truly


Ancient Mariner
Fortunes Of War - 4/10Judgement Of Heaven - 4/102 A.M. - 7/10
The Unbeliever - 4/10

This one's at its best when Blaze holds it together, which he manages to do on "Blood On The World's Hands" and mostly manages to do on "Sign Of The Cross" and "2 A.M."
Blaze goes more offkey in 2 A.M. than in Fortunes, Judgement and The Unbeliever combined.


Ancient Mariner
At least I don't think it is anywhere as near as off key in these three songs as in the 2 AM example you mentioned.


Love in anger
At least I don't think it is anywhere as near as off key in these three songs as in the 2 AM example you mentioned.
Blaze goes more off key in just the first verse section of "Judgement Of Heaven" than he does for the entirety of "2 A.M.".

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Off-key or not, "2 AM" is my least favorite song from the album (maybe even one of my least favorite Blaze songs).

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Blaze hardly sounds off key on any song he recorded with Maiden. And when he does I love it.


Educated Fool
The X Factor

Sign Of The Cross: 10
Lord Of The Flies: 9
Man On The Edge: 9
Fortunes Of War: 8
Look For The Truth: 8
The Aftermath: 7
Judgement Of Heaven: 8
Blood On The World’s Hands: 8
Edge Of Darkness: 9
2 AM: 6
The Unbeliever: 5

Album Average: 7.99


Stranger to the Light
Yesterday I was with my friends on Skype and I was clicking on random article on Wikipedia, one of the first articles was this album o_O We tried to get to orange juice.

Sign of the Cross: 10/10
Lord of the Flies: 10/10
Man on the Edge: 8/10
Fortunes of War: 6/10
Look for the Truth: 6/10
The Aftermath: 9/10
Judgement of Heaven: 8/10
Blood on the World's Hands: 9/10
The Edge of Darkness: 7/10
2.A.M: 7/10
The Unbeliever: 7/10

Average: 7.36/10

Oh, and I gave Virus 8/10


Educated Fool
Sign Of The Cross: 5
Lord Of The Flies: 5
Man On The Edge: 5
Fortunes Of War: 4
Look For The Truth: 4
The Aftermath: 4
Judgement Of Heaven: 2
Blood On The World’s Hands: 6
Edge Of Darkness: 4
2 AM: 2
The Unbeliever: 4


Few and far between. Nothing particularly worth mentioning.

Low lights:
Drum sound
Song structure


Ancient Mariner
Low lights:

I think that The X-Factor actually has a lot of great solos. Sure, nothing like Stranger in a Strange Land or Powerslave solos, but of all the 90's albums, I'd say the solos are pretty much at their best here, one of the strongest efforts with Murray/Gers duo on that department. Sign of the Cross, Lord of the Flies, Fortunes of War... I found those solos pretty great. Then again, there are many that aren't that memorable though...


Out of the Silent Planet
TXF - lately, not so underrated album, some really good songs and melodies.

Sign Of The Cross - 10/10
Lord Of The Flies - 10/10
Man On The Edge - 8/10
Fortunes Of War - 7/10
Look For The Truth - 6/10
The Aftermath - 8/10
Judgement Of Heaven - 10/10
Blood On The World's Hands - 7/10
The Edge Of Darkness - 8/10
2 A.M. - 8/10
The Unbeliever - 6/10
Average album score: 8,00
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Sign Of The Cross - 10
Lord Of The Flies - 17
Man On The Edge - 8
Fortunes Of War - 7
Look For The Truth - 6
The Aftermath - 10
Judgement Of Heaven - 10
Blood On The World's Hands - 8
The Edge Of Darkness - 7
2 A.M. - 7
The Unbeliever - 7

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Sign of the Cross - 10 >
Lord of the Flies - 10 >
Man on the Edge - 7 >
Fortunes of War - 9 >
Look for the Truth - 7 >
The Aftermath - 9 >
Judgement of Heaven - 10 >
Blood on the World's Hands - 8 >
The Edge of Darkness - 10 >
2 AM - 7 >
The Unbeliever - 8 >

Average Score: 8.63/10
Actual Score: 10/10

This is an album that is somehow greater than the some of its parts. In spite of its weaknesses - or perhaps because of them - I love this album. A lot. Even if the song ratings aren't very consistent, as an album, I'd say it's perfect. This monster is in my Top 4 overall at any rate, and it's the second best thing Maiden have ever released.