The Wrathchild Showdown Extravaganza

Which Wrathchild version reigns SUPREME?

  • Wrathchild (Metal for Muthas)

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  • Wrathchild (Rainbow)

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  • Wrathchild (Reading)

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  • Wrathchild (Hammersmith)

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  • Wrathchild (Donington '88)

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  • Wrathchild (Donington '92)

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  • Wrathchild (Raising Hell)

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  • Wrathchild (1999)

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  • Wrathchild (Live After Death)

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Mr. Blue Sky
It's rather simple - which officially released version of Wrathchild will reign SUPREME over the others? It's time to finally receive the answer to that question, one which you may or may not have asked yourself before but was too afraid to ask everyone else about! Well, now you don't have to concern yourself with that anymore, because I've done the work for you! See, isn't that lovely?

...please note that this list isn't going to be definitive since the band can't stop playing Wrathchild and replacing other songs with it in the setlist if given the opportunity. I may also have missed a version or two...maybe more than that, so if any versions of Wrathchild are missing from the poll, feel free to notify me about it...nicely. Oh, and I almost forgot something...



The dotage of a dotard
More importantly, what order should people listen to all of these versions of “Wrathchild” in to, y’know, make the playlist flow better...?


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Fuck it, I’m going BOS live Chapter because I got to see that version live.

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
It lacks the Live After Death (side 4) version, doesn't it? Anyway, my vote goes to the studio version.

EDIT: it's there. Didn't see it first. ;)
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Ancient Mariner
Always sounds great either studio or alive (although it's overplayed... wouldn't mind the band would give it a rest and play other stuff from Killers)... I don't know... it's all too close so I'll go with the original album version.


Ancient Mariner
Hallowed Live single. Should have been on ARDO, much better than loads of the shit versions of other tracks on that.