The Wedding Thread


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Hi everyone, as you might know, the Duke is getting married this weekend.  Many of the newer forum contributers don't know him, but as I am the best man (took him fucking 13 years to admit it!), I thought I might ask those old-timers who remember him to say some nice things, which I will prod him to read.

So, I thank everyone in advance!


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Congrats Duke and have a good day. It all goes downhill from here. ;)

And LC, make the stag-do a night to remember (or indeed, "what the hell happened last night?").


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:hbd:  Oh, wait, no, it's not one of those threads.  Sorry. :D

But seriously, dude, congrats. :)  And what Albie said.


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Duke, why the hell would you chain yourself to one woman? Waking up to the same person day in and day out, same boring breakfast? You are too much man to be restrained like that! Unless you've secretly converted to fundamental Mormonism and you plan to have at least 5 more celestial marriages. In that case... PROPS!

All kidding aside, Congratulations! Nothing in the world like having someone to hold you when you cry like a little boy :D


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Thanks for the good wishes, guys. The new Mrs. Duke and I are as happy as....very happy things.

I'll post some pictures if I stop being so lazy.