The Red or the Green?

The Red or the Green?

  • Red

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  • Green

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  • Adrian Smith

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Pica Serdica
Inclined to vote Green myself - but would hate to spoil the first time H gets 100%

Edit: Someone did vote Green meanwhile I see :ok:
Sorry, Church of H
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The resident saudade aficionado
The red is the most Iron Maiden thing there is. I hate the red. Green is the fastest Maiden song there is the fastest.
I'm going to vote for Blue.


The resident saudade aficionado
But also - red tries to manipulate you into putting a scalding clothes iron to a girl's face, possibly scarring her forever. Hard to vote for that, whatever she did or didn't do. And they call me a chauvinist.

The green is also a terrible choice. Although even us Christians sometimes entertain the thought of Valhalla and Ragnarok, we realize it's all just silly escapism after all. Points off for lying to us.

And h is h. Were he an interesting and intriguing player, I'd vote for him. But he isn't, so I don't. Fuck the fish, it's just for show anyway. Not voting for h, that's sure.


Ancient Mariner
Adrian Smith seems the best combination between red and green. Stays calm but ready to go to battle for that carp. So.....Adrian Smith.


The resident saudade aficionado
Judas, you never fail to surprise me.

In the grand scheme of things, the Maiden guitarists are overrated here, deal with it. Some nice harmonies, some nice solos, but whether from the academic sphere (Romeo, Petrucci, heck, Akerfeldt and Gildenlöw) or the biker one (Duane or any of the three amigos of Skynyrd, for example) you get a lot of their betters. Where's the riffs, for example? One Iommi trumps all three. Atmospherics? Hey, how about Andy Summers or even - much as I'm not a fan - Lifeson from Rush?
I could imagine naming Billy Gibbons as one of my fave guitarists, if the question came, wouldn't even think of any of the three, even though I love the band and have loved them for quite some time.

H actually managed to write and play one of my favourite Maiden solos (on Different World), but I'd never pick him out as my favourite guitarist in general. 1. Maiden is more than the sum of its parts, 2. even then, it's mostly about the rhythm section, baby.

(plus, of course, there was some hyperbole in my previous post, I guess that's a given)

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I would place H up there in my favorites simply for his soulfulness. I think his solos feel the most passionate of any of the three amigos (in the ‘80s Dave would be up there too but his playing was never the same after H left in 1990). All the guitarists you mentioned are great in their own right as well (although Romeo is a much better riffer than he is a soloist).

But yeah Maiden is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It’s the dual / triple axe blistering / melodic assault mixing with the rhythmic thunderforce and guiding by the soaring vocal witchcraft that makes them the band they are. But I’d still, if asked, list H among my favorite guitarists because of his versatility and soulful nature.


The resident saudade aficionado
Hey, diff'rent strokes for different folks. I simply can't find anything there that would be really exceptional, like grade A, master-world class. Not just technically, I mean also in the general musical "charisma", so to speak.
Yep, I personally like Jerry Garcia, sloppy as he is, much more on his own than the three caballeros. He stands out for me.

So all the adoration h (and the other two) gets there... well, I know half of that is this inner meme on the forum that gets progressively worse with age, the other is probably people who indeed see (some of) the three dudes as exceptional guitarists. I'm fine with that.

And as for the soulfulness - I respect your opinion, but to me soulfulness is... a quality that stands out more in other genres than metal. Also, I tend to conflate it with "juiciness" and I usually find it... well, elsewhere.

Actually, when you say "soulful" and I promised to myself to not babble about the Allmen again, this is what immediately comes to mind:

(that's Eddie Hazel of the Funkadelic fame, in case the video doesn't work for you)

But whatever works for you! :shred:


The resident saudade aficionado
Sure, "the boy" did a lot of stuff for show.

That's why it's not the miracles what's important, but what they signify. Not what He does, but in what context He does it.

What does this one signify? That h loves fishing. That's great, there's only a few American books I'd love more than Norman MacLean's A River Runs Through It... but listening to MacLean playing the guitar I'd rather not.

EDIT: BTW, that said, I definitely wouldn't like or even like to hear Jesus playing guitar solos. Considering the instrument wasn't even invented back then and in His life as a human he had only human knowledge and abilities (more or less, the miracles and some of the Divine Knowledge don't count) - saying otherwise would be the heresy of Apollinarianism - but that's really neither here nor there...
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Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
I should have deleted the "just for show" bit, I was more jokingly enquiring as to the efficacy of fish fornication as a means of multiplication.
In terms of the Serious Discussion, I also don't see any of Maidens guys a super standout all time players. They may well be but they are a whole unit in my head. They have played on a lot of my favourite guitar music but I wouldn't hold them, individually, in the same esteem as Rory Gallagher or Eddie Hazel or Prince, for examples.