The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)


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I don't hear the lacking in punch.

Still could you say what exactly lacks punch in your opinion? E.g. in comparison with RiR?
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I sure hope it does, it was so bad on that tour they dropped it mid-way.

BTW, I suppose Wrathchild's inclusion in this set puts to rest that rumor/theory that Maiden doesn't play songs that were dropped partway on a previous tour. Although I guess I could see Wrathchild being the exception, but then again Where Eagles Dare was dropped in '86 yet played on the Early Days tour so the theory never held up completely anyway.


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I wish they'd play Killers, but I get the feeling that while Bruce may like it, somebody else in the band doesn't since it's such a rare sight in the set. Briefly seen in '88, then included in the (I believe fan-voted?) '99 Ed Hunter setlist, but never again, not even on the Early Days tour where it would've made perfect sense to include with the other rare Killers tracks.


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all we need is a new live album with a new producer
Now you have a problem with the way the live albums sound??


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I may have been (definitely was) very drunk at the time but I stand by it. I won't argue it further though.
I shall wait til Glasgow and Aberdeen and make my protest by buying a t shirt and singing along with him during every single line of every single song.