The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)

Guys really now....this is the set. It is most likely that they won't change anything. It is a set of 15 songs. They are too few for a headline band. They want to keep on playing the same songs. They would only drop somerhing if they are not able to perform it they way they feel they should.That's about it.

Fifteen songs too few for a headline band? Really?
Alexander the Great was to be played but since Adrian couldn't remember his solos, they gave Rime 2 more years... damn.........
That was not given as a reason for that tour. It was given as a reason in the nineties or later for why they don't play it "these days" anymore. Back then, Rime was probably seen as a much better stronger choice.
The fact that there's radio silence from the show means one of two things:

1. Nothing has changed.
2. The gig is in a place with crap cell reception.