The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)


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Bruce said 72 gigs, so far they have announced 70 and Bucharest is the 71th. So one more, unless he said the wrong number. I have a feeling it might be London after Wacken.


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There aren't a whole lot of days left in the schedule. After Gothenburg, they'll be travelling by road, not on the plane. The biggest gap in the schedule at the moment is between Barcelona (July 16) and Milan (July 22).

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To everyone going to the show, I know you'll have a super great time! Now we play the waiting game for Maiden to take the stage!


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#firsttothebarrier already waiting to get in #ironmaiden #thebookofsoulsworldtour #soon!


Keenly following this thread from NZ, hoping to see the setlist revealed in real-time. Our local shows are at the end of April, so this is a nice and early preview :)


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I think the Chinese set is growing on me. Already looking forward a lot for CotD, BNW and a giant Eddie on Wicker Man

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