The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

Poe Dameron

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a) The Chinese Set is probably real, although out of order. I'll not complain of it, i always wanted to see Blood Brothers and Brave New World live;
b) I would replace Tears of a Clown for When the River Runs Deep or even Shadows of the Valley, but, hey, it could've been worse. It could've been Sanctuary;
c) Wasted Years yet again. OK, i'll love to see that, since it's my first concert. But, it's the 3rd execution in the last 4 tours. They're getting comfortable with that song, and i would prefer to see them comfortable with Phantom of the Opera;
d) The "surprise" is Children of the Damned. I'm 100% OK with that, but a lot of people will be disapointed.

One question: which song will end the show? The only song there that have potential to be a "finisher" is Hallowed be Thy Name. a hard to sing song

I'm actually happy with the setlist though I do think Wasted Years can have a rest.

Mostly because it was so sloooooow on the 2013/14 tour. At times I thought it would just stop.

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We'll all be seeing Maiden on that stage very soon! And there's a chance that someone will stream the concert live via Periscope like they did with Rush and at the very least, people will be taking pics during the concert and putting them out there. It won't be long now!

Black Bart

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this will make a 3rd album tour in which Maiden has done a few big epics if you include Hallowed as well. No, I take that back. For Brave New World, they did Sign and Clansman as well as Dream Of Mirrors. Wow, it's really been some amazing years of touring with all these big epics being performed.

And you can also add the Death on the Road Tour (for Dance of Death), in which they played "Paschendale", "No More Lies", "Hallowed...", "Dance of Death" (and, to some extent, "Journeyman" could also be counted as an epic, I think). ;)


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If i can choose my DREAM but possible TBOS setlist, it would be:

1. If Eternity Should Fail
2. Speed Of Light
3. Brave New World
4. The Evil That Men Do
5. Children Of The Damned
6. The Red And The Black
7. Tears Of A Clown
8. Blood Brothers
9. The Trooper
10. The Book Of Souls
11. Death Or Glory
12. Wasted Years
14. Fear Of The Dark
15. The Wicker Man
16. Iron Maiden
17. The Number Of The Beast
18. Hallowed Be Thy Name


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In line already (I'm assuming that's what that means)? That's nuts. I'm traveling thousands of miles and plan on getting in line maybe an hour before the venue opens but that's it.

One day closer everyone. Like when we were all chatting about the new album back in the Summer, enjoy this time before a tour, we won't have a whole lot more of them.


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You know... I keep updating this thread all the time in hope you guys talked something to help me feel less anxious. Come on, help me.


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saw the plane and ate at rock n roll ribs this morning. I was there when they opened the doors first customer. They are repainting the outside and had tape all around the parking spots. I told them this is the most inconvenient time to do this. I did find out Nicko gave tickets to all the employees and they are all attending the show being brought to the venue on a bus