The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)


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Yeah, looks like a pic taken from the Maiden England staged and then spliced with lots of photoshopping.

P.S. - Smith's legs are behind a glacier.


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I keep seeing this silly photoshopped image all over the place... ;) I guess many people think it's legit... yet it doesn't look remotely real.


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I'm very happy with the real one. It has a good many of the elements I visualised on first hearing of IESF. Two weeks today, I'll be seeing it in Oslo, having already seen it once at Download.


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Ok, Berlin was amazing. The venue is something to see... It's like a greek amphiteater on steroids (bigger). Crowd was amazing. Everyone sang and clapped their hands, even if they were sitting in the last row of the amphiteatre. The band took that energy and transformed it on stage. I've never seen Steve laugh so much during a concert. All of the band delivered, but the MVP of this show goes to Bruce. This was his best show in years. This version of COTD could rival the Download 2007 version as the best live performance (IMHO). And then there was TBOS. What a fucking performance from Bruce. As many of you may know I watched quite a lot of videos from this tour and I've never heard sing him this song so brilliantly. I had watery eyes during "Prophecy of sky gods...". Incredible. I've been to 6 IM concerts and this one is the best by far.


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Ya, but Bruce doesn't sound very good on Death Or Glory. It seems like he can't get very good vocal control on the verses.



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He's really milking the monkey thing for all it's worth isn't he? Love seeing how this has evolved. Will there be a documentary about it on the dvd?


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This version of COTD could rival the Download 2007 version as the best live performance (IMHO).
I think the Download performance (entire concert) is one of Bruce's worst performances the past 20 years. It's ridiculous how much better he has sounded this year than he did at that show.

His best concert this year (from the footage I've seen) is Buenos Aires. Madness. You'd think he was 38 not 58.


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Fantastic. It's Europe now and Bruce still pulls it off like at beginning of the tour. They must be really happy with how great the tour is going, so it makes me even more sure they will record again and tour for years.
Yep. I think it helps that they played a show every third day in may, and the schedule isn't the hardest this month. July more intense (15 shows vs 12 in june, and three back-to back shows).


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They have so much fun during this tour it seems.

Hard to imagine them quitting soon :)

Roll out the Legacy tour 2017 !!!


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Very nice. Come to think of it, that would have made a good single.

Edit: can it be, that Dave's solo actually sounds better there than Adrian's?
Seeing an official vid is really nice as it reminds me that Nicko is actually there and continuing to belt it out!

All the fan vids are great but we never see Nicko!