The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)


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It looks extremely silly. However, the quality is great and I really hope they are filming for a future dvd/blu-ray.


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As for the quality of the footage, I wish they pushed it further for the actual DVD. I'd love to see something more cinematic, like Metallica's Through the Never. Gigs filmed that way look amazing. But I guess it's more likely that we will get an En Vivo 2.0 in terms of looks/editing. And by the way, that clip looks worse than standard DVD - it's just their simple cameras they use for the screens every show.


Hi folks. Here's something you don't read every day.

I'm looking for one fan to come with me to the Brisbane show on May 4th.

Here's the thing, I have x2 access all areas passes and one lucky dude or dudette will meet the band and be able to watch the show from backstage or wherever you want.

Send me an email at harrison2604@gmail to know more. Tell me about yourself.


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As if climb like a monkey wasn't already cheesy enough.
Also I'm not sure but I think that may have started in Tacoma. If someone can verify if it he started doing it earlier that would be great.

He did it in Vancouver the night before.


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This is silly (and the audience doing the same moves is even worse), but it shows his humour. He knows that some are concerned with those lyrics and makes fun of it. I hope he doesn't begin to act according to all their lyrics (and that they don't put 22 acacia ave. back in the setlist).


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Okay. My thoughts from The April 10th Vancouver show. I know it's late coming, but that's life.

First of all, I struggle with anxiety. I'm very introverted, and fairly shy. I don't scream at concerts, and I'm not head banging during a show. So it was a little rough to have seats next to a man, who would not stop telling me I'm not rocking out hard enough, and that I'm a disappointment to metal. It didn't help either that the people in front of me were smoking pot throughtout the show. But that's life and there's not much you can do about it. Everyone around me seemed nice enough. No one was being a jerk intentionally.

It was kind of funny actually, the guy smoking pot in front of me recored the whole show holding the phone the wrong way. And then spend the entire show watching through his phone.

As for the show. I was a little worried about sound going into the show because I was close to the stage, but off to the side. When I arrived at the concert. I saw that the second rack of speakers were pointed directly at me. Relief.

Raven Age took the stage, and boy were they loud. Louder than Maiden. And the sound was pretty clear. Their music isn't bad, just completely uninteresting. The main take away was that the sound for Maiden would be okay.

Maiden took the stage and the sound was terrible. They figured it out a bit by Children of the Damned but got worse again around The Trooper. The Red and the Black dragged forever because I couldn't hear the guitar solos. Guitar solos throughout the whole show was incredibly quiet. They were easy to miss altogether if you weren't really listening for them.

The drums were way too loud. The base way too low. The guitars loud, except for the solos.

They couldn't seem to figure out Bruce either. It went back and forth from being barely able to hear him, to it sounding blown out causeing ear piercing pain.

A huge disappointment overall. I mean the boys played well. There energy was amazing. They looked like they were having a lot of fun. I'm glad I sat close enough to really see and experience that. However the sound really put a damper on the whole evening.

YouTube clips seem fine. So were the reviews for that night. So maybe I just had a bad spot. I just don't get it though, because a giant rack of speakers were pointed right at me and Raven Age sounded fine.

I know I'm sounding really negative. It's just I was really excited. It was still a good t ime. If I turend around at the show I had a good view into those box rooms or whatever they're called. One of them was filled with a bunch of classy people in their 30's sitting uniterested. Except for this one lady who stayed standing the entire time in a sleeveless black dress sipping wine from an actual wine glass. She seemed pretty into it, so that's cool.


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Some people need to stop taking everything so seriously. :p


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Okay. My thoughts from The April 10th Vancouver show. I know it's late coming, but that's life.

Sorry you didn't have a great time, but I think the problem is you were located too much to the side. The ideal place for the listening experience is near the soundboard, because of its location and the fact that the front of house engineers adjust the sound from that position.

Also, a good pair of earplugs can improve the concert experience because they reduce the noise levels and you hear the music much clearer.


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About 2017, do you think the tour will be extensive like in this year? Going through South America, Asia and Oceania again? Or the tour will be limited to North America and Europe (UK) only?


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I don't know about Asia and Aus/NZ, N America a certainty, UK and elsewhere in Europe I'd be willing to put very good money on. There's a rumour on the go currently about Ireland. There are lots of interesting rumours out there, actually.


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Does the colour of Bruce's voice sound odd in this video to anyone else?

It does. Most likely the sound at the venue + camera phone quality. However, they also just flew to Japan. With the time change and trying to get acclimated, and with Bruce forgetting his mic, I wouldn't be shocked if the guys are rather jetlagged. Can be hell on the voice.


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Does the colour of Bruce's voice sound odd in this video to anyone else?
Sounded normal to me!

Without the vocals it's even more noticeable how much Bruce likes to rush those verse bits. The band sounds super tight and locked in!


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I keep forgetting the show was hours ago. I've got so used to thinking of Maiden shows happening 'tonight'.